How to organize a Christmas party for kids – tips and ideas

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How to organize kids Christmas party

All children are eagerly waiting for this amazing day when real magic is in the air, all wishes are fulfilled and miracles happen. For children who believe in fairy tales, this is especially important so why don’t organize a special Christmas party for kids?

Plan in advance your Christmas party for kids

kids christmas party ideas table decoration menu and activities


Planning is important for every festive event and gathering and especially important when you organize a Christmas party for kids. There is a number of questions that need to be discussed with parents beforehand, so make a check list and take some notes.

The time of the party – you need to take into account the schedule of the children. If you plan to do it on a week day, make sure that all invited kids are not at school and free to attend your party.

themes for kids Christmas party elf north pole

Theme of the party – there are many themes to choose from. You can choose any of the festive seasonal symbols as the main theme for your party. For example – if you choose snowman, you can decorate with snowman banners, you can make snowman cookies for the kids to decorate or organize a workshop for crafting snowmen from socks.

How to organize a Christmas party for kids tips and ideas

Number of guests and invitations – The question is relevant, if the room is small. Make sure that you do not invite too many kids as the room will be cluttered. Make special invitations. Let the children feel special and important guests at this celebration. You can use craft paper, glue a Christmas symbol like snowflake, snowman, a tree, an ornament, Rudolf, etc. Decorate the invitation with glitter and sequins. Roll up and bind with satin ribbon.

Christmas party for kids table decoration and menu ideas

Christmas party decoration – If you have not decorated your house yet, then you need to buy a Christmas tree, decorate it, prepare a festive table setting for the kids, preparing party favors, etc. Plan your time and activities so that you do not have to rush. Remember that children are not impressed with details but with the overall impression and atmosphere. Children will not even notice the tiny snowflakes that you so meticulously cut, but a beautiful Christmas tree and glittering lights will not remain unnoticed. Make banners with Christmas characters or just with fabulous winter landscapes or get the materials and plan Christmas garland crafting as an activity.

How to organize kids Christmas party ideas fun food and games

You will not impress the guests of your child with a snow-white tablecloth and crystal. Think of child-friendly table setting. Colorful Christmas themed tablecloths, napkins and paper plates and cups can be bought from most stores.

Christmas sandwiches fun food for kids party

Christmas party menu – It is rather difficult to explain to a three-year-old allergic person that it is impossible to eat sweets and tangerines from the festive table so plan the menu carefully. Fruits should be divided into convenient bites, citrus fruits are peeled and sorted into slices, etc. Make sandwiches and decorate them in an interesting way, think of some sweets as well. Christmas finger food, pancakes and sandwiches are just fine. Make sure you have enough water, fruit juice, etc. There are fantastic ideas in the photo gallery below to help you with the menu.

kids Christmas party ideas table setting

Entertainment – think of games, craft ideas or any other activity suitable for the age of the children. This is important due to the fact that children from different age groups are interested in different activities. For example, toddlers are difficult to organize and they cannot focus their attention for more than 10-15 minutes. If you try to make them participate in a competition, it is very likely that they will not understand at all why this is done. Preschoolers like group games and will take part in a variety of activities with great interest and excitement. However, try to keep all games within reasonable time so that the children do not get over-excited or tired.

DIY kids Christmas party favor ideas

Christmas party favors – this is a must for any kid’s party. You can buy small gifts for each child, get decorated gingerbread cookies, jars with hot chocolate mix, etc. Children can decorate their own cookies and take them home as well. There is no need for a dress code, but you can ask all the guests to wear Christmas costumes or pajamas and give everyone a hat or a Santa belt as a party favor. Wrap the gifts in beautiful wrapping paper and tie them with a wide ribbon.




How to organize a Christmas party for kids creative ideas

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Christmas cakes and sweets kids party ideas

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Fun Christmas food for kids party Santa fruit skewers


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