Christmas tree curtains ideas – quick and easy decoration for the holidays

by Kremy

photo curtains with decorated Christmas tree quick and easy home decor ideas

You surely have seen Christmas tree curtains and passed by them shrugging your shoulders indifferently. Well, we shall give you a new point of view and will show you how you can use them as a holiday decoration.

wall hanging Christmas tree fabric print original home decor ideas


The most compact Christmas tree option is to have it printed on a curtain. This is a great opportunity to place the main symbol of the holidays in your home and have an alternative type of decor. We all try to make the interior design of our house unique, reflecting our taste and personality. To add visual interest we use a variety of techniques, colors, textures, etc. The market, designers and interior decorators offer new and interesting decor solutions. One of these solutions is photo curtains. Although they are a relatively new product, their popularity is growing fast and manufacturers offer a huge variety of digitally printed curtains for any room of the house – kitchen, nursery, bedroom, living room.

Christmas tree curtains ideas – a different approach to festive decor

Christmas window treatment with beautiful photo curtains

Buying a photo curtain can be the final touch in the design of your interior and their right choice will emphasize the overall style of your home. Christmas tree curtains come in a variety of designs and can be used not only as a window treatment but as a festive decoration for the holidays. This is an ideal choice for nursery rooms and kids will love it.

Christmas tree curtain and LED lights home decorating ideas

Unlike other curtains, you do not need to make sure that color is suitable for your interior and will work with the overall design of your interior. In this case, the curtains are a separate element and their function is more decorative than practical, although they can combine both functions. As an option, you can hang a Christmas tree curtain on the wall as a canvas, near the fireplace, for example. If you want to add a festive and joyful winter themed accent in the bathroom, you need to look for shower curtains designed for wet areas.

Christmas tree bathroom curtain home decorating

A great advantage of digitally printed curtains is that they come with beautiful and realistic images. In addition, they are easy to maintain. Another advantage is that they are safe. This type of decoration is suitable for small children, it is pet-safe as well. You can use them in different rooms, which makes them versatile. If you used them in the nursery one year, next year you can use them as living room decor.

alternative Christmas trees festive photo curtains ideas

Photo curtains do not require special care, but some rules must still be observed. Make sure that you read the labels and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. Wash such curtains in accordance with the instructions to avoid ruining the print. After washing, they should always be rinsed so that no traces of detergents remain. When the holiday season is over, all you need to do is roll the curtains and store them until next Christmas.



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lovely Christmas tree curtains to decorate your home for the holidays

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