Unique alternative Christmas tree ideas to challenge your imagination

by Kremy

alternative ladder Christmas tree ideas unique holiday decor

Find out some of the most original alternative Christmas tree ideas. Christmas tree without needles – do you think that this is impossible? Well, you are mistaken! Fans of creativity and nature have come up with many different unusual and creative Christmas trees. The question is – are you bold enough to push the limits and go outside the box? Can you accept the challenge and see beauty where other people cannot? Are you ready to be different and creative? Why creative? Indeed, in order to see a Christmas tree in a piece of cloth or rope, one must have a rich imagination and skillful hands. In addition, an alternative Christmas tree is saving a live one and these days this is something especially important, isn’t it?

Unique alternative Christmas tree ideas – create a joyful mood in a different way

Unique alternative Christmas tree ideas original home decor


There is nothing wrong with traditions – the smell of pine, the richness of green and red, the purity of white and the shine of silver or gold. However, alternative Christmas tree ideas allow you to create the same joyful and cheerful Christmas mood and atmosphere in your home, but in a different way.

All of us start preparing for the festive days long before the holiday. We decorate our homes, buy gifts and look for recipes for delicious meals. But the real sense of magic and anticipation of something bright and unusual appears only after the ceremonial installation of the Christmas tree. Modern interior design requires a creative approach to Christmas holidays. Instead of traditional Christmas wreaths on the door and classic forest beauties in the room, you can make a Christmas tree by yourself. Such a man-made miracle will be no worse than a real Christmas tree, but at the same time it will not leave behind crumbling needles and will help preserve the flora.

If you need to classify alternative Christmas trees, we may distinguish three main types – suspended, wall mounted and free standing.

suspended Christmas tree ideas alternative decor tips

Suspended Christmas trees do not have to stand on the floor or table. They can be attached to the ceiling.

unique Christmas wall decoration ideas tree composition

Wall mounted trees are attached to the wall. It can be a tree made of textile, photographs, household utensils, wood, string lights, coniferous branches and any other material that you can think of. You can even draw a tree on a black chalkboard paint wall.

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DIY alternative Christmas tree ideas to challenge your imagination

original Christmas tree ideas wall decor tips


Even in the smallest interior there is a place for a festive Christmas tree. Have a look at these unique alternative Christmas tree ideas and see if there is one suitable for your home.

alternative wooden Christmas trees with shelves

Wooden Christmas trees can be made of dry sticks, branches or boards. When you make it from natural material you have an eco-friendly tree. Due to its natural discreet colors it may look a bit discreet but you can paint it in green or white. Wooden trees are ideal for Scandinavian and rustic interior style.

toddler felt Christmas tree kids room room decorating ideas

Another option for a simple but spectacular Christmas tree is to cut out the shape from cardboard or fabric like felt, and simply install it on the wall. A garland and string lights complete the composition.

Pinecone Christmas tree

DIY pinecone tabletop Christmas tree idea

The appearance of pinecones resembles a Christmas tree. You can collect them while having a walk in the forest and craft a beautiful tree with the help of a hot glue gun. Such trees are usually tabletop size and will be a great decoration for a small room or an entryway.

Christmas tree from book pages

paper christmas tree from book pages home decorating ideas

This is a very quick DIY Christmas tree idea. Owners of a large library surely treasure their books, but you can buy old ones from flea markets for practically nothing. Optionally, you can use old newspapers, magazine pages, etc.

DIY Christmas tree from bottles

Christmas tree from wooden shelves and beer bottles

If you do not like books, but love, for example, beer or wine, then your unusual Christmas tree can be made from empty glass or tin bottles or from wine corks and beer lids. Keep in mind that glass bottles may not be the best idea if you have small children or pets in the house.

DIY an alternative Christmas tree from a ladder

original alternative ladder Christmas tree decorated with lights

It will take you only a few minutes to bring in the ladder in the room and open it to have the triangular silhouette of a Christmas tree. You can decorate it with string lights and garlands, you can even add shelves and arrange a festive Christmas display.

last minute Christmas decor ideas draw a tree on the wall

Enjoy the gallery below and find your alternative Christmas tree!




unique alternative Christmas trees ideas wooden frame

original Christmas decoration wall decor photos

ladder Christmas tree and star topper string lights and ornaments

creative wall Christmas tree alternative decorating ideas

Christmas tree alternative trees ideas wall decoration tips

Christmas decorating ideas wall tree from branches

boho wall decor Christmas tree from hats

alternative Christmas tree ideas wall decoration green branches




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