How to Care for a Cut Christmas Tree So That It Does Not Lose Its Needles before the Holidays?

by Kremy

How long does a cut conifer last? Does it depend on the variety? How do you know if the tree is fresh? How to care for a cut Christmas tree so that it does not lose its needles before the end of the year?

How to Care for a Cut Christmas Tree to Make It Last?

how to care for a cut christmas tree at home

During the years 2010-2020, there was a craze for extraordinary trees. We made alternative trees to hang on the wall and decorated houseplants, including cacti. For better or worse, these days, classic conifers are making a comeback! The problem? They don’t last… So, how to care for a cut Christmas tree so that it lasts as long as possible?

How Long Does a Real Tree Last, Once Cut?

how to care for a cut christmas tree so that it lasts

How long does a coniferous tree last after it has been cut? Most cut Christmas trees live 4 to 6 weeks, which means if you buy one now, in late November, there’s a good chance it will survive until Christmas or beyond. However, this is not guaranteed, because you must first know how to take care of your festive tree. Here’s how to care properly for a freshly cut tree.

Start With the Right Choice of Variety

how to care for a cut christmas tree mistakes to avoid

Not all conifers are the same – some have a large aristocratic stature and others are dwarfs, there are varieties of fragrant fir and there are also cultivars that last longer than other conifers. The first thing to do is to find out which pines do not lose their needles too quickly. According to botanical specialists, it is the Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana).

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Select a Freshly Cut Tree

how to choose and care for a real christmas tree

Knowing how to care for a cut Christmas tree is of no use if the tree was cut a long time ago, given that most markets do not store their trees in optimal conditions. Ask the seller when the lot arrived and if it’s more than 6 or 7 days ago, wait for the next shipment, as the fresher your Christmas tree is, the longer it will last. If you can’t get this type of information, use the following tips to determine the freshness of your tree:

  • Look for a lush green tree with as few brown needles as possible.
  • Make sure the tree has been stored in a shaded area (and not in the sun).
  • Squeeze a few twigs in your fingers – their needles should be soft and not fall off.
  • Lift the tree a few inches off the ground and set it down. Very few needles should fall to the floor.

Care for Cut Fir Tree at Home

how to care for a cut christmas tree so that it does not lose its needles

Once the Christmas tree is at home, we usually place it on a “dry” stand, but the truth is that we have to give it something to drink. Tree stands with a water reservoir are now available, which is the most beneficial necessity for your tree’s survival through to the holidays and beyond.

As trees are transported and time passes between cutting and purchase, the sap of the fir tree begins to harden, blocking the flow of water to the needles. This is why it is better trim the end of the trunk before installing it at home to prevent any obstruction of its vascular system.

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What Mistakes to Avoid?

how long does a real christmas tree last

No one could resist the cozy charm of a real Christmas tree near the fireplace or wood stove. However, exposure to heat shortens the life of the plant greatly, not to mention posing a fire hazard, and this is why cool places, far from flames, should be preferred. In heated rooms, run a humidifier, as the air there is likely to be too dry.

To care for a cut Christmas tree and make it last, decorate it skillfully. Use LED string lights that do not generate heat instead of conventional bulbs. Choose lightweight ornaments that don’t create extra weight for the tender branches.


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