Wall Christmas tree – alternative ideas for your festive decoration

by Kremy

super creative wall decorating ideas DIY alternative Christmas tree

Have you thought of a wall Christmas tree this year? How about being unconventional and create a festive atmosphere in your home in an unexpected and original way? Christmas holidays are approaching and colorful Christmas decorations appear on the streets and in shopping centers. Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most treasured and pleasant rituals yet many people do not have enough space to place a free standing tree. We shall offer you some creative ideas which will allow you to have a Christmas tree even in the smallest room.

Creative and original wall Christmas tree ideas

green branches triangle alternative christmas tree ideas wall decoration


Wall Christmas tree ideas are suitable for any room of the house – living room, nursery room, entryway and bedroom. You can use different materials and the only limit is your imagination. We shall show you different inspiring ideas for unusual Christmas trees on walls and you can choose the one that suits you best!

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String lights Christmas tree

fantastic alternative wall Christmas tree ideas drawing string lights and garlands

A luminous garland will give a festive mood to anything. You can arrange string lights in a triangular shape on the wall to shape the silhouette of a Christmas tree. Use double sided tape to add a few garlands and tree ornaments and your tree is ready!

Christmas tree made of evergreen branches

Wall hanging Christmas tree ideas branches and ornaments

A tree of branches is a quick and easy decoration. This alternative is closer to nature and more natural. You can tape the evergreen twigs on the wall to outline a Christmas tree and decorate them. Another option is to tie the branches, wrap beautiful ribbons and homemade decorations around them and hang the “tree” on the wall. You can use both real or artificial branches for this idea.

Wooden Christmas tree

Modern alternative Christmas tree ideas tree branches and ornaments

Lovers of nature and crafts with wood will like a tree made of boards, saw cuts or dry branches. You can use pallet wood, plywood or upcycle any other wood planks that you have available. Lights and ornaments will make your tree really festive and beautiful.

Draw a Christmas tree on the wall

Chalk Christmas tree cute decorations for kids rooms

Drawing a Christmas tree on a chalkboard paint wall is a real fun for children! You can change the drawing every day and come up with super fun ideas – one large tree, several small trees, add snowflakes, snowmen, etc. Let the kids decorate the tree with colorful chalks and it will be a lot of holiday fun!

DIY wall Christmas tree ideas yarn and ornaments

Look at the gallery below for more original ideas. You can use wool yarn, jewelry, paper, wall decals, felt or other fabric, washi tape, Christmas greeting cards, family photos, etc.



wooden Christmas tree ideas holiday craft DIY projects

fabric paint christmas tree wall canvas creative Christmas decor ideas

wall Christmas tree ideas wall decals wood household items

Wall Christmas tree alternative ideas for your festive decoration

wall Christmas tree creative and original DIY festive decorations

wall art alternative Christmas tree ideas garland and string lights

original Christmas tree ideas wall canvas pearls and ornaments

kids bedroom Christmas wall decorating ideas tree ornaments garland

felt Christmas tree kids room decor ideas

DIY holiday decorations ruffled Christmas tree wall decorating ideas

Crepe paper alternative Christmas tree wall decorating ideas

Christmas home decor ideas wall decorating ideas alternative trees

cardboard paper Christmas tree DIY home decoration ideas



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