Christmas wine bottle decorating ideas – beautiful accent on the table

by Kremy

wine bottle decoration for Christmas old sweater red and white

We have some fantastic Christmas wine bottle decorating ideas for you which can be your inspiration for the coming holidays. Everyone loves Christmas for the fun, delicious food, time with family and friends and all the holiday activities of the season. It all starts with creating a festive atmosphere that will give joyful emotions. A beautifully wrapper or decorated bottle will be an adorable accent on your table and add to the festive mood. In addition to that, this is a great Christmas gift for coworkers, relatives and friends and you can surprise and delight everyone with an original homemade gift.

Christmas wine bottle decorating ideas and techniques

Christmas wine bottle ideas DIY decorations gift wrapping


When friends invited you to a Christmas party, bringing a bottle of wine is a sign of good taste. People rarely pay serious attention to wine gift wrapping but there are so many quick and easy ideas that it is worth spending a few minutes in wrapping and decorating. Here are some of the best Christmas wine bottle decorating ideas for you.

How to wrap a bottle in paper?

DIY Christmas wine bottle gift wrapping ideas

The first thing that comes to mind is to wrap a bottle of wine in Christmas gift paper. There is a very wide selection of patterns, texture and density of wrapping paper in stores and you can make a very beautiful, refined and stylish wrapper for wine.

Wine gift wrapping with sweater sleeves

Christmas gift ideas old sweater upcycling sleeves wine bottle cover

Do you have an old sweater or an unnecessary knitted wear? Do not rush to throw them away! Sleeves of knitted clothing can turn into cozy, warm and festive gift packaging for bottles that are especially suitable for winter holidays. Insert the bottle into the sleeve so that the cuffs are at the neck level. Cut the sleeve below the bottom of the bottle. Make sure that the knitting does not thread. It is advisable to pick up the yarn and sew it with thread or simply collect the edge of the cut sleeve with threads and pull it in the middle. Tie a ribbon, braid or lace at the neck of the bottle or decorate with beads or buttons.

DIY wine bottle Christmas sleeves ideas

creative DIY Christmas gift decorated wine bottles

Wine bottle Christmas sleeves are another original option. You can sew a festive bottle sleeve from any fabric – jeans, felt, fur, linen and so on. The top of the bag can be tied with a ribbon or pulled together with ribbons, and the fabric can be decorated with beads or other winter holiday symbols. If you have a large piece of fabric, you may skip sewing. Just wrap the bottle tightly and tie a ribbon around the neck.

Christmas wine bottle decoupage ideas

wine bottle Christmas decoupage creative decoration ideas

Decoupage technique is not difficult but requires some time. You need paper napkins with Christmas motifs. Cut out the picture and glue it on the bottle. Combine different cut outs to form a composition. All you need is patience and a little imagination to create a really unique masterpiece!




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