Ladder Christmas tree ideas – how to make and decorate a showstopper?

by Kremy

ladder Christmas trees ideas garland and stars creative and unusual home decor

How to transform a ladder into a spectacular and eye catching home decor for the winter holidays? We have selected some of the best ladder Christmas tree ideas to show you how you can create a beautiful and original tree which will not cost you a dime. Christmas is always associated with a green tree, garlands and tinsel. But sometimes one wants to show imagination and change the classic attributes of the winter holiday with something unusual. Creative and unusual trees made from a wide variety of materials and in different designs are gaining more and more popularity.

Original and creative ladder Christmas tree ideas

alternative Christmas tree ideas creative home decor tips


Decorating your home for Christmas remains one of the obligatory and very pleasant rituals of people who know how to create a cheerful mood. In the shops there is a huge assortment of festive decor items, but nevertheless, homemade items are especially valuable and hugely affect the festive atmosphere in a positive way. In addition, you can decorate the house and create unusual and stylish elements of the interior using completely ordinary things.

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Many people prefer alternative Christmas trees for environmental reasons, for lack of free space in the apartment or for other reasons. We have shown you many alternative Christmas trees made of ceramic, horseshoe, pallet wood, burlap, etc. You can use paper, tree branches, greeting cards, family photos and hundreds of other items to make a tree but we want to focus your attention on these super original and creative ladder Christmas tree ideas.

christmas decoration ideas ladder lantern and string lights

A stepladder is a folding portable ladder and almost every family has one. Its design consists of two support beams and steps. Folding ladders are made, in most cases, from metal and wood. With a little bit of imagination, an elegant Christmas tree can be made from any stepladder. Such a tree looks bold and unusual but has its advantages.

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On the first place, you do not need to spend money on a live tree. In addition, such Christmas trees are versatile and you can use them outdoors and indoors. Last, but not least, it will take you literally 5-7 minutes to install the ladder in a room, at the front door or in the yard. The major disadvantage of any alternative Christmas tree, including the ones made from step ladders, is the fact that they do not have the natural beauty or scent of a real fir or pine tree. In addition, a decorated step ladder, which is poorly fixed, may fall and hurt your family members or guests, so make sure that your ladder tree is stable.

creative Christmas decor ideas alternative Christmas tree ideas wooden ladder and ornaments

Creating a beautiful Christmas symbol from an ordinary folding ladder is very simple. You will need a step ladder, Christmas toys, lights and garlands. Decorate the ladder just as if you decorate a real or artificial Christmas tree. You can place wide planks and have a ladder Christmas tree and display shelves combo. Arrange beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts on the shelves, statuettes, ornaments, etc. and your unusual tree will look just amazing. Make sure that you do not decorate a stepladder that is broken. Do not load the steps with a lot of ornaments. Under their weight, the structure may break.



wooden ladder decorated with Christmas lights

wooden ladder decorated for Christmas front porch ideas

white and red Christmas decor ideas ladder and fabric bags as advent calendar

unique alternative Christmas trees ideas wooden ladder and ornaments

metal ladder decorated as Christmas tree with colorful ornaments

ladder Christmas trees decorating ideas with lights and ornaments

ladder Christmas tree ideas unique alternative trees as home decor

wooden ladder decorated with Christmas lights and tree ornaments

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