Amazing Christmas tree shelf ideas – how to use furniture as decoration

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DIY wooden Christmas tree shelf home decor ideas

Christmas tree shelf ideas are among the most interesting in the group of alternative decorations for the holiday. A fashionable wooden shelf in the shape of a Christmas tree is a great piece of furniture which is not only an original holiday decoration, but also a practical detail of the interior.

Christmas tree shelf ideas combine practicality and functionality

original furniture wall shelves Christmas tree home decor ideas


Wall shelves are exceptionally practical and have a special significance in any home. They come in a huge variety of designs, shapes and sizes and today we want to show you some of the best Christmas tree shelf ideas.

Generally, wall shelves are an element of interior design that is meant to store and display small items. They often play a more decorative role than a practical one. It is impossible to hide anything there and everything that is displayed on the shelves should have a decent look. Depending on the design, wall shelves can emphasize your personality and demonstrate your taste and style preferences.

creative ideas DIY wooden Christmas tree with shelves

Besides being a practical type of furniture, shelves can also be a decoration of the whole room and we will focus your attention how they can be used as original Christmas decor that lasts all year round. Thanks to creative ideas, Christmas tree shelves combine geometric shapes and different colors which increase the visual interest in any room.

DIY Christmas tree shelf ideas

Christmas tree shelf DIY wall decor ideas

Wall shelves are a great solution for rooms with limited space. You can easily make your own shelf and you will see some amazing Christmas tree shelf ideas in the photo gallery. Why not take advantage of your skills? You can design shelves with triangular shape and make one large or some smaller shelves and then combine two or three pieces to outline a Christmas tree silhouette. That would be some interesting and extraordinary composition! You can even make a corner model. In terms of design, Christmas tree shelves can be made of one triangular back and several shelves attached to it. Another option is to craft a triangular frame and fix the shelves in the frame. A third option is to make stackable units where the lower ones will be shaped as trapezoids and the top one will have a triangular shape. Of course, the simplest and easiest way to craft a Christmas tree shelf is to use planks of different length and arrange them on the wall.

wooden Christmas tree with shelves home decor with natural materials

You can leave use plywood, planks of natural wood or reclaimed wood. Optionally you can stain your shelf or paint it in white, red or green. Arrange garlands, lights, tree ornaments or other decorations and your exceptional and unique Christmas tree shelf will enliven a bedroom, a nursery, a living room of different styles.

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wooden Christmas trees DIY shelf ideas

Unusual Christmas trees ideas wooden shelves DIY projects

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how to decorate a wooden shelf Christmas tree

Exclusive Christmas tree shelves diy ideas holiday activities

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Amazing Christmas tree shelf ideas DIY festive decor

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Alternative Christmas trees ideas wooden shelf idea



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