Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas for a Joyful Christmas 2023!

by Kristiyana

How to display your elf on the shelf in a creative and charming manner? What are some fun and hilarious decorating ideas that you can try in 2023? 

Elf on the shelf decorations are a Christmas classic, and you really can’t have an authentic celebration without them! They are cute, funny, mischievous and add a playful touch to the home interior and atmosphere. How can you set them up so you will never be bored in their presence?

Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas for a Joyful Christmas 2023!

elf on the shelf decorating idea

Thanks to our ideas, you already know how to decorate a mirror for Christmas in an aesthetically appealing manner, and which are the most trendy front porch Christmas decorations for 2023, but why not spice up things a bit with something less serious? We are talking elf on the shelf decorating ideas! Your elf being stuck in prison because he was very naughty, riding Santa or a giraffe, being way too scared of a mysterious creature… Yeah, I know it sounds bizarre! For more, just keep on reading!

Scared Elf on the Shelf Hiding from Mysterious Creature

elf on the shelf ideas 2023

Oh no, what did the elf on the shelf do now?! How did he get into this mess! This decorating idea can very well work with any stuffed animal, figurine or even your real pet! I mean, if it can stay in one place for just a minute so you can take a photo to remember this funny occurrence! My cat certainly won’t have the patience… But you get the picture! A scared elf hiding from a dangerous alien being…

Drunk Elf on the Shelf Finding Himself in Trouble

silly mischievous elf stuck in wool

Your elf got way too tired of keeping tabs if you are naughty or nice, so he or she decided to have a few drinks from your not-too-tightly closed fridge. Well, you can see the end result. Wrapped in wool or yarn, and can hardly stay on their feet. Add a little 50ml bottle filled with water or iced tea to the picture to make it look even more realistic. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Elf On The Shelf Ironing Potato Chips Idea

elf on the shelf funny ideas

Your elf just wanted to do something good for a change, so he decided to iron your chips for you! But hey, it actually worked! I guess those elves can use their magical abilities even for good sometimes. Or maybe they are luring you in into one of their new traps?

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Elf on the Shelf Giving Santa a Piggyback Ride

elf on the shelf ideas funny

Your elf is just so tired of taking orders from Santa that he decided to have some payback with an authentic piggyback ride! I mean, you can see it as one of mutual consent, but the elf acting out of his naughty and mischievous personality is much more fun, don’t you think?

Little Elfie Got Himself in Biiiig Trouble This Time!

prisoner elf on the shelf idea

If you can’t do the crime, don’t do the time, Elfie! Looks like our little friend got himself in big trouble this time. I wonder what he’s in for. You can even get some doll clothes from your children or a toy store in orange or paint them later to make Elfie’s criminal look even more authentic.

Kid Friendly Elf on the Shelf Ideas Christmas 2023

elves riding stuffed giraffes funny

This is soo cute! Very kid-friendly as well. Find some stuffed giraffes or even zebras, and let your naughty elf invite a friend over to have some fun riding on their backs! The mix of exotic animals with a classic Christmas decoration is such a creative idea. Look at them, they are having the time of their lives!

It’s Time You Taught Your Naughty Elf a Lesson!

fun hilarious elf on the shelf ideas 2023 decorating

Oh yes, my personal favorite! You just grew tired of your elf constantly climbing on your windows and curtains, and pushing items off the tables and countertops, so you decided it’s time to teach them a lesson! Put your naughty elf in a jar with the word “help” written on it, even tough, let’s be frank, there is no one who can help them now! Just place the imprisoned elf next to your other jars filled with goodies, so you get a surprise “Oh”every time someone looks for a snack.

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