Chic & Easy DIY Gift Topper Ideas Christmas 2023 + Tutorials

by Kristiyana

How to make your Christmas presents stand out in 2023? Are there any easy DIY gift topper ideas that are suitable for beginner crafters? 

The days leading up to Christmas are that special time of the year when we are most inspired to unleash our creative flow and go crazy over choosing the best gifts, and the most beautiful wrapping for them! But no present wrapping is complete without the perfect topper that ties it all together, wouldn’t you agree? In 2023, why not make an original and creative DIY gift topper of your own? This will certainly set your gifts apart from all the rest!

Chic & Easy DIY Gift Topper Ideas for Christmas 2023

diy gift topper christmas ideas 2023

You already learned how to create the most unique Christmas gift wrapping that would leave your giftee in awe, so now it’s time to teach you about creating charming DIY gift toppers!’s most talented graft enthusiasts will provide you with simple guides on how to create eye-catching present toppers that are achievable even by the most ungifted crafters among us (that’s me right here) and offer you plenty of inspiration for the perfect DIY gift topper to match your giftee’s taste. So roll up your sleeves, and let’s get to crafting!

Traditional Christmas Gift Ribbon Topper with a Twist

easy classic ribbon topper with bouquet of dried flowers

Reinvent a classic Christmas gift topper, by starting out with a traditional ribbon, but this time go for something with additional decorative elements. Pick a ribbon that you know will make a lasting impression. Tie it around your gift as you normally would, or copy the look from the photo above. And this is where it gets interesting! For a unique touch, tuck in a delicate bouquet of beautiful dried or faux flowers tied with a string that matches the color of your gift’s ribbon. You can find dried flowers in any flower shop. Whereas for faux ones, go to a craft store.

One-of-a-kind Paper Quill Snowflakes Gift Toppers

paper quill snowflakes gift toppers with video tutorial

For those of you who want to put in a little more work into your DIY gift toppers in 2023, there is no idea like the beautiful paper quill snowflakes! These delicate decorations, created by the art of paper quilling, will add a festive wintry touch to your Christmas presents! Opt for colors in gold, silver, blue or white for the best seasonal look. You might think that these snowflakes crafts look like hard work, but trust me, with the video tutorial provided by UniQuill Creations they are a piece of cake! Once you make them, simply attach the paper quill snowflakes to your gits with a few dabs of glue, and you are good to go!

Video Tutorial: How to Make Easy Paper Quill Snowflakes?

Natural & Eco-friendly Chic DIY Gift Topper Idea

gift toppers christmas 2023 eco friendly natural elements

Do you think your giftee would appreciate an eco-friendly, yet pretty DIY gift topper? At, we love to experiment with crafting and decorating ideas that feature items that you can easily find in your garden, the park or a nearby forest. For a minimalist, yet chic topper for your Christmas present, go outside and gather whatever catches your eye: pine cones, fir green branches, acorns, twigs, etc. Arrange them in a cute small bouquet to attach to your prepared gifts for a rustic look.

Handmade Felt Christmas Ornaments Present Toppers

felt christmas ornaments toppers

In need of another super easy, yet festive idea for a handmade gift topper? If you don’t have any at home, go out to buy pieces of felt in different colors. You can draw various classic Christmas figures on the felts like a pine tree, gingerbread men, a little house, star, etc., you get the idea! Then, by following the outlines you made, cut them out. For some extra flair, use a hot glue gun to attach beads, sequins and whatever else you like on the felt ornaments you just made. These adorable DIY creations will be the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas gifts! Attach them to the wrapping with a hot glue gun or by sewing them in.

Sentimental Gift Topper Idea with Personal Photos

sentimental diy gift topper with perosnal photos

This is my favorite DIY gift topper idea of all time! I have done it for the birthdays of all of my best friends. You simply print out photos of you and the giftee together, cherished memories or ones with sentimental value, and you glue them on top of the gift. You can easily just attach a single photo to the gift, but more is always better! A super cute suggestion would be to print out a lot of small photos and cut them out in different shapes like heart, stars, etc. Then glue them to the wrapping paper, and you have yourself a very heartwarming gift topper for Christmas 2023!

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