15 Old Money Christmas Gift Ideas to Get in 2023 for the Fashion-Forward Women in Your Life!

by Stephanie Yankova

Is there a special someone in your life who oozes refinement and effortless elegance for whom you want to buy a unique present? Do you want to give them something that they’re going to cherish for years to come? Sure, material possessions aren’t everything, but it feels nice when you receive something that you’re going to use with genuine enjoyment! Our team has made a beautiful selection of old money Christmas gift ideas for you and your loved one to indulge in this season! 

Old Money Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

old money christmas gift ideas 2023

The “old money” aesthetic became one of the biggest trends of the year with its minimalist approach and high-quality standard. It’s defined by practical, classic items with a refined design that will stand the test of time. In terms of clothing, think of Princess Diana’s casual style and pretty much every single piece from Carolyn Bessette’s closet. For jewelry, take inspiration from your grandma and grandpa’s vintage accessories – pearls, golden rings, dainty necklaces, and tiny watches. As for the interior, you can never go wrong with an expensive-smelling candle – bonus points if it looks like it’s been bought from a French boutique. Let’s browse through a couple of ideas and hopefully help your choice!

Adidas Samba Sneakers

old money christmas gift idea her him adidas samba shoes sporty and rich

Unless you’ve been living in complete isolation from the outside world, you’ve probably noticed the epidemic of this particular shoe that’s taken over the streets of big and small cities. The “Sambas” are as close as it gets to a uniform these days for people who want to achieve a sporty, yet elevated and effortlessly chic appearance. They’ve become a cultural phenomenon, a staple, and an inseparable part of the closets of almost any modern man and woman. You simply can’t go wrong with a pair of these Adidas sneakers, as long as you’re staying within a neutral color range.

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A Cashmere Scarf

ysl gray cashmere scarf christmas gift idea

I recently got myself one of those, and I can confirm that you are not only going to feel warm with one of those, but it will be nearly impossible for you to take it off. It’s incredibly soft to the touch, light yet insulating, and oh so effortlessly stylish. I suggest you opt for one in either gray, dark brown, or cherry red if you want to stay on trend and a pop of color to your everyday attire.

Personalized Mini Wallet / Cardholder

personalized cardholder mini wallet christmas gift idea

Having personalized items is a luxury reserved only for those from the higher class. Lucky for us, over the years this has become much more affordable and accessible to a wider demographic. Something as little as a coin purse, a cardholder, or a mini wallet with a letter on it can make for the perfect gift!

Small Vintage Watches

small vintage watches old money gift idea

This is an excellent gift idea both for him and for her. The elegant and minimalist design of these watches makes them the perfect fit for both genders that you can pass down to the younger ones in due time.

A “Twilly” Scarf

hermes twilly scarf christmas gift idea 2023

If you can only afford to look like “old money”, without actually possessing that much YET, you’re probably not going to pay Hermes a visit for your custom Birkin or Kelly. What you can pay them a visit for, however, is this beautiful little scarf, also known as Twilly. Their retail price starts from $200 on the original website, as well as in the physical stores, but you can find them for half the price on Vestiaire (thank me later).

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More Old Money Gift Ideas

knitted striped sweater fall winter old money fashion trends 2023

A Niche Perfume

old money niche perfumes christmas gift idea for her 2023

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A Pearl Necklace and a Matching Bracelet or Earrings

perl necklace bracelet gift idea women

A Hair Bow Clip (Preferably Red or Black)

red hair bow clip old money trend winter 2023

Minimalist Gold Signet Red with an Encrusted Letter, Symbol, or Gemstone

gold signet ring elegant christmas gift women 2023

A Classic Tea Set with a More Modern and Refined Design 

beautiful all white classic tea set old money gift idea

A Premium Body Lotion (Check Byredo’s De Los Santos, Mojave Ghost, and Gypsy Water)

byredo premium body lotion de los santos

An Oversized Wool Blazer or Coat 

classic gray wool blazer old money fall winter outfit idea women

A Boujee Candle with a Festive Scent (Check Diptyqye’s Biscuit, Sapin, Delice, and Ambre)

festive diptyque biscuit candle christmas gift idea women

A Large Genuine Leather Handbag – Suitable for Both Men and Women; Could Also be Used as a Carry-on

big genuine leather bag the row old money christmas gift for her him

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