Peach Fuzz Nails – Here’s How We’d Wear the Pantone Color of the Year 2024

by Kristiyana

What are peach fuzz nails? Why should you adopt this nail polish color in late 2023 and all throughout 2024? 

Just the other day, Pantone reviewed their chosen color of the year for 2024, and it’s Peach Fuzz! A delicate orange hue, with a mix of white and yellow, that would look great on your hands! Don’t believe me? See how you can wear the trendy color right here and now!

Peach Fuzz Nails: How to Wear the Pantone Color of the Year 2024?

peach fuzz nails 2023 2024

This nail art idea is so hot that it’s burning! The Pantone color of the year 2024 was reviewed on the 7th of December, and crazed fashionistas are already in a hurry to adopt this color in any way possible. With chic winter accessories, blouses and skirts, makeup ideas, and why not with your nails? That’s right, just here at will you learn how to wear the trendy peach fuzz color on your nails in 15 stunning designs! Let’s take a look, shaw we?

Classic Glossy Peach Fuzz Nails Design

peach fuzz nail trend 2023 2024

First, we start off with the classic glossy peach fuzz manicure design! The color on its own creates a soft, feminine look, even if you choose to wear it with a long nail. I don’t know about you, but this nail design in particular makes me think of the trendy 2023 lip gloss nails, don’t you agree?

French Peach Fuzz Manicure 2023/34

french peach fuzz nail design 2023 2024

Spruce up your classy French manicure with a dash of peach fuzz! The addition of light yellow and gold adds a festive touch to this nail design, making it perfect for your upcoming work Christmas party or New Year’s Eve.

Cute Peachy Nail Art Design

peach nail art 2023 2024

Isn’t this adorable? The best and most trendy way to adopt the Pantone color for 2024 is by having cute peach fruits in peach fuzz created on a nude nail polish base! You can have one part in peach fuzz, and the other in classic orange to create a contrast in your new mani.

Marble Peach Fuzz Nails 2024

marble peach fuzz nails

I fell in love with this nail art as soon as I laid eyes on it. What can I say, I am a sucker for marble nails! For a sophisticated and chic look, opt for the marble nails design in the trendy peach fuzz color. Square-shaped or pointy, this look holds no limits.

Festive Manicure with the Peach Fuzz Color

stunning festive peach fuzz nails

Can’t wait to adopt the new color trend for 2024? You don’t have to wait until then, but can opt for a festive winter manicure in peach fuzz to wear for the upcoming holidays. Draw inspiration from this mesmerizing sparkly idea!

More Inspiring Ways to Wear Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024

peach fuzz animal print nails

Glossy & sparkly peach fuzz nails

glossy peach fuzz manicure

Peach fuzz nail design for short nails

short peach fuzz nail design

Beautiful nail art with peach fuzz & blue

peach fuzz nails with blue nail art

More cute peach nail art ideas for 2024! 

peach fuzz nails with peach nail art

A touch of peach fuzz to spruce up a mani!

peach fuzz as an accent in your nail design

Perfect peach fuzz bridal nails design

bridal peach fuzz nail design

Stunning pointy peach fuzz manicure

stunning long peach fuzz manicure

Long sparkly peach fuzz nails design

pointy peach fuzz manicure

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