What Are The Lip Gloss Nails 2023? Find If This Trend Will Outshine The Glazed Donut Manicure!

by Gabby

I know spring is the time of year when we usually can’t wait to replace the dull pale colors with something bright and vibrant that instantly puts a smile on our faces. It’s the same with nails. I’ve never believed in strictly following every trend the internet provides us. You know that to every rule, there is an exception. So it will be with nail trends this spring. The most known spring manicure we see is something with a lot of flowers and decoration. For people who are not fans of neon or bright colors and want something super minimalistic, then you should pay attention to lip gloss nails. What are they and how to make them at home? I will help you out!

rich girl nails lip gloss manicure spring trends for women 2023

What is a lip gloss nail?

No, the lip gloss nail trend is not actually putting lip gloss on your nails. What is means is to aim for nail polishes that will give you this glossy and shiny effect. You know when we put lip gloss on and our lips instantly become more plump, juicy and stunning, this manicure will do the same for your nails. If you are planing to try it out, always choose hues that are nude, pink, and milky. The nails will have a real natural looking finish, but at the same time really elegant and chic. This nail decoration adapts easily to your complexion, as well as to your daily style. If you love the “clean girl” aesthetic, then this is the perfect manicure for you. We all love the glazed donut nails, but this time try adapting a subtle version such as the lip gloss nails!

lip gloss nails 2023 rich girl manicure nude simple design


Lip gloss nails 2023 at home: Check out how to achieve the simple manicure!

Want to adopt the 2023 nail trends? There is nothing complicated and you can do them at home or in a beauty salon. For a DIY manicure you will need a UV lamp and gel nail polish.

  • The first step is to clean your nails and cuticles and create the desired length and shape.
  • Then the base coat is placed and it is dried under UV rays.
  • Then, put two coats of the chosen varnish and catalyze each of them in the lamp. As mentioned above, you can either opt for the classic version of the manicure or go for bolder and deeper shades such as blue, burgundy and, even, black. The favorite of our editors? Rosy or milky tones (those close to your skin tone) that bring out the natural beauty of your hands and nails.
  • The last step in achieving this gel nail trend is the one that creates the famous “lip gloss” effect: the top coat. Get a fairly thick and VERY shiny topcoat. If you want to further enhance the shiny finish, it is also possible to apply a little glitter powder like the one used for chrome nails. Use a brush for a more precise pose and above all do not abuse the amount of glitter. Put your nails under the lamp and you will have a manicure more radiant than ever.

For more inspiration, you can check out what are the fairy nails! This is for the shiny, glittery manicure lovers!

glossy nails glazed manicure spring trends 2023

Spring nails 2023: What color to choose for the lip gloss nails?

spring nail trends 2023 glazed manicure lipgloss ideas design

The 2023 lip gloss manicure promises an ultra-shiny effect, that’s a fact! To make the most of it, our editors advise you to choose a color close to your complexion, because the current trend is towards self-acceptance and we adopt everything that is natural. However, one question keeps burning your lips: what are the spring nail trends 2023?

It’s no secret that for the next 12 months we will generally see deep, rich and darker colors. But to stay within the rules of natural beauty, a few good shades are available to you. From earthy tones to ever-popular nude nails, to Milky White Nails… you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to adopting a lip gloss manicure worthy of envy!


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