Design Trends 2023: Interior Arches in Contemporary Home Decor

by Kremy

Interior arches have the ability to transform space. Due to the rounded shape of the top, the arch, as an architectural element, makes a room look visually softer and more elegant. Arches are an architectural element known since ancient times and have experienced a real rebirth in recent years. They can often be found both in furniture design, in private and public interior projects. Door and window openings, all kinds of niches, decorative details, screens and mirrors – all this decorates the interior and becomes a bright, original element that immediately attracts the eye. We will show you some inspiring examples of using arches in interior design – from living rooms to bathrooms.

Why Use Interior Arches In Contemporary Home Designs?

decor trend 2023 arches in the interior design of modern homes

What tasks do arches solve? Arches are not just a decorative element in the interior. With their help, you can solve a number of problems and make the home look more expensive, more comfortable and beautiful.

On the first place, using interior arches make the space look bigger, more open and spacious.

design trends arches in home interior design


A decorative arch can be an interesting feature in your home and help draw attention to certain areas in a room. In addition, an arched opening helps defining the functional areas in large open spaces and at the same time keep the feeling of flowing.

An arch is a stylish element that adds visual interest and dynamics. Using curved lines is one of the latest trends in home interiors and arches create a great contrast in places with clear lines and defined edges.

minimalism is the main feature of modern arches

Arches in modern interiors can be used in many different ways. They can be highlighted with a bold accent color or blended harmoniously into the décor concept of the home.

Interior Arches – A Spectacular Element in Contemporary Homes

interior arches a spectacular element in modern homes

The return of arches in home décor is undeniable, but their appearance and shape have changed. In today’s modern world of interior design, the arch has become more elongated. It has lost its massive framing, stucco moldings and complex decorations. Simple lines without unnecessary details are in fashion. Laconic and simple lines have replaced heavily decorated openings and this reflects the trend to create functional and harmonious living spaces.

why use arches in contemporary interior designs


Modern tall, elongated arches are especially popular and trendy elements to the interior. Of course, this will depend on the height and proportions of the room itself, but if you cannot create arched openings for doors and windows, you could think about niches with shelves.

Minimalism is the main feature of modern arches. They have a laconic casing without intricate details as they softly fit into the interior and not draw attention to themselves. Strict geometry is another feature. The first thing that people pay attention to when choosing a design is the shape. An oval arch will look appropriate in any interior.

wall arch modern home decor trends

When it comes to color, you can paint only the inner surface of the arch, part of the wall on one or both sides. Shades are selected based on the general color scheme of the interior design – from neutral, in harmony with interior items, to contrasting ones that stand out as an accent.

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How and Where You Can Use Arches in Interior Design?

how and where you can use arches in interior design

Generally, such a beautiful architectural element is appropriate everywhere – in the living room, hallway, spacious bedroom, nursery, kitchen or bathroom. Interior arches visually increase the height of the ceilings in standard apartments and create a cozy atmosphere in large houses.

Window or Door Openings

arched windows home decor trend 2023

If you want to use arched elements in a modern interior, semicircular openings for interior doors and windows will create an exceptional impression. Arched openings are appropriate in many interior styles like avant-garde, classicism or  to modern.

Interior Arches Define Functional Zones

arched opening to define functional zones

With the help of arches it is possible to visually separate one functional zone from another. In large open plan spaces arches divide the hallway and living room, kitchen and dining area, kitchen and living room, etc.

Arches as a Decorative Element

arches as decorative element in home interior

The simplest, but very effective way to decorate a room is make a faux decorative arch for example, from drywall. Such decorative arches are rounded niches for furniture, appliances, shelves or mirrors. An interior with decorative arches looks stylish, non-trivial, and very attractive, creating the right volume and character in any room. An arch-shaped niche will be a cozy element in a bedroom, nursery, bathroom or kitchen. Smooth shapes look spectacular, harmonious and blend organically in almost any style.




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