Decor Trend 2024: 10 Sublime and Chic Design Ideas to Transform Your Interior!

by Kremy

Decorating the interior is always a pleasure. But what about the new decor trend 2024? Or more specifically THE trends? Take a look to see what’s hot and make sure your home looks its best so you feel relaxed and happy every time you come home!

What Is Fall-Winter Decor Trend 2024?

decor trend 2024 design ideas to transform your interior

It’s always a pleasure to end a year on a high note and start the new one even better! The new predictions for interior design trends in 2024 are out and we are more than happy to share them with you! If you love spending time at home and feel like it’s your safe haven, then don’t hesitate to give it some love and attention! Just like we change our fashion styles and hairstyles to feel fabulous, decorating our home will have the same effect times 10! Next year we will see lots of natural decorations, gold accents, rattan furniture and wall art! Don’t hesitate to experiment and add your personal touch! Without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter!

What Is 2024 Wall Decor Trend?

2024 wall decor trend

Wall decoration is very important when it comes to giving personality to your interior! Posters, abstract paintings, geometric shapes… the choice is yours! But don’t leave this wall bare! Oval shapes will be very popular in 2024, so if you want to be on the cutting edge of decor trend 2024, jump on the bandwagon! You can print posters yourself at home and place them in frames that you can buy cheaply. However, large paintings will be the stars of the show. Support a local artist or awaken the one inside you!

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Quiet Luxury Interior Design

new decor trends 2024

Have you heard of the Quiet Luxury decor trend 2024? It has become an obsession for many, especially since the launch of the TV show “Succession”. This style is reminiscent of hygge interior design, but with more class and elegance. This means pastel colors, earth tones and natural materials, no clutters, no bright colors. Shades should be warmer and furniture made of wood. Brown and beige can be your basic colors, as they will not distract from your furniture and decorations, but will blend seamlessly into the decor and whisper elegance!

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Bathroom Decor Trend 2024

bathroom decor trend 2024

Yes, we’ve talked about quiet luxury, but when it comes to the bathroom, it needs to scream “Luxury!”. Marble walls, gold accents on the mirror and white sinks will dominate bathroom trends in 2024. If you’re on a budget, there is a solution. While marble is one of the most durable materials available, it is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms… It can be quite expensive! You can find inexpensive adhesive tiles online that replicate the marble pattern. This is very useful if you are a tenant! You can remove them very easily before moving out.

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Large Arches Take Center Stage!

quiet luxury decor trend 2024

Designers and architects predict that in 2024, oval arches will be in vogue! In fact, anything oval will be in style. However, oval arches really give a room that vintage, luxurious feel that we all know and want to embrace. Its aesthetic appeal is dreamy and it can give the illusion of depth to any room. It is also very pleasant to look at! The door arch is the perfect addition to any home.

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Home Office Decor Ideas 2024

home office decor trends 2024

Yes, it’s not 2020 anymore. But since many of us were lucky enough to be able to work from home, we no longer want to go back to the office! Working from the comfort of your own home can make the day more enjoyable, especially if your workspace is nicely decorated! Place your work area near a window where you’ll benefit from natural light. Wooden tables are timeless, they are in fashion right now and will be for a very long time. Add a few natural decorations to the desk for an air of freshness. Green will calm your nerves!

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Large, Cozy, Colorful Armchairs

decor ideas 2024 colors

Large, colorful armchairs will make the whole room more comfortable. They can become an excellent reading or relaxation corner. In any case, color and size are important! And the best part? They blend with almost any interior decoration. Navy blue, turquoise, hot pink, mint and deep green will be the trendy colors of the new year! Decorate with cushions and warm blankets to create an even warmer atmosphere!

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A Beautiful Carpet Can Change an Entire Room

a beautiful carpet can change an entire room 2024 interior trends

Bare floors are so out of fashion today! By adding a beautiful carpet, you will inevitably make a room more welcoming. The shape ? Round. The color? The one you want! Place one in the dining room, kitchen, home office, living room or bedroom! It can completely transform a space, even if you don’t make any other changes.

Oval Shapes Are in Fashion

living room furniture and decor trends 2024

As we said, oval shapes will be the number one furniture trend in 2024.Chairs, sofas, and even beds: their fluid design will bring you a lot of comfort. Make your living room even more welcoming and make it a sanctuary of peace by investing in a large sofa with an oval design. In 2023, hard lines and angles will no longer be relevant. Take inspiration from the retro-futuristic trend that was so popular in the 80s!

Rattan Furniture Is Back in 2024

rattan furniture is back in 2024

Do you love eco-friendly and fabulously chic designs? To our great surprise, rattan will make a comeback next year. Its impeccable design and simplistic appeal will transform any room in your home into an advertisement from an interior design magazine! Its striking simplicity will add much more character to your home than you think! Rattan can and will blend into any home decor! So don’t be afraid to experiment!

Natural Decoration: An Air of Freshness

home decor 2024 trends

Did you know that plants can not only absorb moisture from the air and purify it, but they also make a great decoration! For some time now, many eyes have been turning to the trend of plant decoration (or biophilic design). But right now, it’s one of the highlights of decorating! Not only inexpensive, but extremely healthy and beautifully green and fresh, adding a few potted plants to your rooms will make a huge difference!

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