Bookshelf Wealth Is the New Tiktok Design Trend, But What Is It Actually?

by Kremy

In the world of social media, trends come and go. And it’s not necessarily about fashion, hairstyles, or nail art. Quite often, we see new aesthetics in interior design too. After quiet luxury, old money, cottagecore, and dark academia, here’s the new viral trend: bookshelf wealth! Is this just a catchy name for something old and well-forgotten, or is it something really new? Why is bookshelf wealth aesthetic trending?

bookshelf wealth is the new tiktok design trend

What Is the Bookshelf Wealth Design Trend?

what is the bookshelf wealth design trend

The term “bookshelf wealth” appeared in social media and gained momentum on Tiktok when creators and influencers promoted interiors that were not exactly magazine-cover polished. As the name suggests, the trend is based on having a large amount of books, which is great, but the trick is that they should actually be (or at least look) read.

what is bookshelf wealth

In the world of digital technology, paper books are gradually becoming less in demand, and people are getting rid of them because now all literature can be stored and read electronically. In this sense, the bookshelf wealth design trend is something positive. The whole idea is to create a cozy living place with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, full of books, art pieces, photos, etc. No color-coordinated books that match your sofa upholstery! Does it sound a little bit like a very professionally staged movie set? Well, that’s the idea! But the hard part is to make it look authentic, not as if you just arranged books and accessories as props for taking a photo.

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How to Create the Bookshelf Wealth Aesthetic in Your Home?

how to create the bookshelf wealth aesthetic in your home

For avid readers who have been buying books for years, this aesthetic is nothing new. They do live in it. And any book lover knows that the passion for art and reading does not really work with minimalism. On the contrary, it’s more about maximalism, but in a cozy way. Now, do not mistake bookshelf wealth for chaos and clutter! A little bit of boho, a little bit of eclectic, a pinch of vintage, more of the traditional and homey look than the contemporary, minimalistic interiors. Can you achieve this in your home? Yes, you can! Let’s see how!


home interior trends 2024 bookshelf wealth builtin bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves, freestanding bookshelves, wall-mounted bookshelves, ladder shelves – everything works! It’s not so much about the type of furniture; it’s about the books on the shelves.

Lots of Books

what is bookshelf wealth aesthetic

It is obvious that a lot of books are involved in this aesthetic. As we said, those should not be “collections” that you buy to display as a color accent in the interior. Bookshelf wealth interiors feature books in every color, books with a vintage look, new books, old books, etc., and they should reflect your interests, your personality, and your individuality. Do not try to arrange them in a presentable way. Stacked books are okay! And yes, you can stack books of various sizes on top of each other.

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Create a Reading Corner

reding corner and bookshelves

It goes without saying that you need to have a special place for reading your books. Whether it is a comfy armchair, a window seat, or just your sofa, the reading corner is an important element in the bookshelf wealth aesthetic. A soft blanket and a few decorative pillows will add to the feeling of comfort.

Art of All Kinds, Everywhere!

bookshelves and wall art home interior trends

Art objects of all kinds—statuettes, souvenirs from your travels, paintings, photographs, posters – all of these also express your interests and your personal taste. Should you arrange your art pieces? Yes, sure! Create your gallery wall, but keep in mind that a painting on the floor, leaning on the wall, works with this aesthetic quite well. Placing art pieces “unconventionally” and somewhat chaotic will give the interior an eclectic vibe. Go to flea markets and look for vintage art pieces, interesting frames, table lamps, etc. Such items give character and individuality to any place.

In conclusion

bookshelf wealth aesthetic home interior design trends 2024

As much as bookshelf wealth is going viral on social media, it’s also quite a disputable subject. Can you imitate the authentic interior of a book-reading person when the passion for literature and art is a lifestyle and not a deliberate décor? Doesn’t this stimulate people to pile books just for the sake of interior decorating? Because it is trendy? The truth is that you have to be a really experienced designer to achieve an authentic bookshelf wealth aesthetics; otherwise, chances are that you will fail, or at least your interior will look too “staged.”.

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