Sage Green Bedroom: Decorating Ideas and Inspiration for Your Home Interior!

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Like a wave of softness, grayish green naturally invites itself into the interior this year, putting everyone on the same page. Soothing and trendy, the sage green bedroom will instantly make you fall in love! But how do you get it just right? As a total look or in small touches? With decorative objects or furniture? What colors to combine in a sage green decor? Here’s how!

Do you know how many hours you spend in your bedroom? Between sleeping hours, intimate moments with your other half, naps and evenings when you crawl into bed to read a book or watch Netflix, that’s just over 70 hours a week. Impressive, right? So it’s out of the question to compromise on the ambience of this room for rest. In paint, textiles or furniture, sage green looks great in the bedroom. Not to be confused with celadon green, sage green is a greenish gray with a hint of yellow, reminiscent of light khaki. In nature, this color reminds us of vegetation, while in interior design, it’s a must for fine-tuning a bedroom’s atmosphere, thanks to its myriad shades. Here’s the proof with 19 atmospheres to copy!

Why Choose a Sage Green Bedroom?

interior trends 2023 sage bedroom decor ideas

Choosing the right paint color is the key to successful bedroom design and decoration. This choice depends on the lighting, the size of the room and the decorating style. What if we told you that sage green ticks all the boxes? As such, it’s one of the timeless shades of interior design that can accommodate new trends without necessarily succumbing to them. Halfway between khaki and gray, it brings a sense of serenity and tranquility to the room, making it a great choice for the bedroom. In addition, sage green is very easy to live with, thanks to its chameleon spirit.

Both reassuring and soft, sometimes neutral, this color comes in several shades that vary in intensity depending on the light and the time of day. That said, it can be combined with a wide range of colors to suit your needs and subtly redefine the atmosphere of your bedroom. In short, this blend of grey and green has many benefits to sublimate the decor of your intimate corner and transform it into a soothing cocoon. Used on one or more walls, on carpets, bed linen, furniture and small decorative objects, sage green looks great in the master bedroom, but also in your children’s room.

What Colors to Combine in a Sage Green Bedroom?

what colors to combine in a sage green bedroom interior design trends 2023 bedroom makeover


In the bedroom as well as in the kitchen and the living room, sage green has the advantage of creating a contemporary ambience that’s easy to combine with other colors and styles. And because these combinations largely determine the final look of your decor, it is essential to choose the right combination. Combined with pink, grey, beige, blue or even yellow, this grayish-green is a welcome change from the classic white room. In this context, it reveals its full decorative potential once brought into contact with white. If you’re looking for a makeover idea for a small bedroom that lacks light, the sage green-white duo is the one to choose.

In addition to brightening up the space, this color combination also makes it appear larger. To give it some pep, add a few ochre touches. Combined with black, sage green creates an elegant and minimalist atmosphere in the bedroom. For a child’s bedroom, there’s nothing like a combination of green-grey and pastel tones which guarantees a trendy and revitalizing room. For a monochromatic look, combine sage green with other shades of green or blue, such as mint green, duck green or celadon blue.

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What Materials to Combine in a Sage Green Bedroom for a Trendy Interior Design?

bedroom decor trends sage green color ideas

Whether used as wall paint, wallpaper or textile dye, sage green clearly demonstrates its decorative potential. Used as a total look on walls, or in small touches on bed linen and cushions, it warms up the space and gives it a certain character. Use natural materials to enhance it. Choose wood, plant fibers and rattan. We love a sage green bedroom with a beautiful natural wood bed, a dressing table in white varnished wood and accessories in natural fibers. In short, an ensemble that’s ideal for relaxation Sage green is an expert in bedroom makeovers. It creates the most beautiful metamorphoses. It breathes new modern life into a rustic bedroom, revitalizes a atmosphere in white and goes wonderfully with wood flooring and vintage furniture in rough, dark or rattan woods.

How to Use Sage Green in the Master Bedroom?

modern bedroom 2023 sage green decor ideas

The sage green bedroom has been on everyone’s radar for quite some time. This versatile interior design trend slips easily into the home to best suit your need to disconnect. This color allows you to move away from sharp shades that tend to close the space in favor of a soothing interior decoration that is closer to nature and your sources. Successful sage green bedroom decorating couldn’t be easier! A wall painted in graying green, complemented by a bed cover or a carpet, creates a soothing cocoon. Used as a total look, the mix of gray and khaki envelops the bedroom in a real bubble. If you don’t want to burden the interior, use the color as small accents like restored wooden furniture, wallpaper or a bed quilt.

Small Accents with Decorating Objects

While the monochrome look is very popular in interior decorating to give the bedroom a makeover, small accessories are just as perfect for inviting sage green sparingly. Bed linen, cushions, curtains, rugs, greenery and photo frames are great mediums for bringing this type of green into your intimate room.

A Total Look on Walls and Furniture

If you think it’s super easy to decorate a room with just one unique color, think again! Using sage green as a total look in your bedroom requires a certain amount of precision. First, you’ll need to learn how to play with the intensity of the color in your decorative elements. Then, think about playing with different materials: wood, rattan, leather, cotton, linen, velvet, etc. Each material brings a particular character to the color. Likewise, don’t hesitate to mix prints and patterns to liven up your sage green bedroom and avoid getting bored. But be careful! Two or three prints or patterns are more than enough.

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Sage Green in The Kid’s Room: Yes Or No?

kids bedroom design child girl boy unisex green sage white yellow mustard and pink

We say yes to the sage green nursery! And there too, the combinations are endless to create a space for relaxation, dreams, games, but also to stimulate curiosity and interest. In your children’s room, sage green is in the company of bright, warm and pastel colors. Choose paint with matte or satin finish. On decorative objects, it can be lacquered or glazed. On textiles, it looks superbly elegant on linen and velvet. In short, this trendy color is welcome in the children’s room when you want to break away from blue and pink. No matter the gender of your baby, sage green invites you in with delicacy. An accent wall in sage, a light wooden headboard, powder pink bed linen, mustard yellow curtains or a cozy sky blue rug, a few touches of brass and voila!  The decorative effect is guaranteed!

Sage Green Bedroom Decor: 14 Inspirations in Images to Copy

bedroom decor trends sage green white beige

Sage Green and Pink Bedroom

trendy bedroom decor 2023 sage green bedroom design ideas

Sage Green to Energize a White Bedroom

minimalist bedroom decor idea in sage green grey white beige

Bedroom in Sage Green and White

sage green master bedroom trendy color design ideas

Total Look Sage Green Interior Design

vintage bedroom decor in sage green grey white beige

Bedroom Décor in Sage Green and Beige to Illuminate the Space

bedroom renovation decor ideas sage green beige white and light wood

Sage Green Wall and Powder Pink Headboard

how to combine sage green with other colors in bedroom interior design

Sage Green Wall, Wooden Bed and Black Furniture

master bedroom design and decorating ideas in sage green white black and pink

A Bohemian Bedroom Decor in Sage Green, White and Rattan Furniture

rustic bedroom sage green color accessories furniture ideas

Bedroom in Sage Green, White and Black

bedroom makeover black and white sage green

Sage Green Bedroom in Vintage Style

boho bedroom decor in sage green and white vintage furniture

Sage Green and White for a Bedroom Where Life Is Good!

sage green bedroom decor wood flooring

Brass, Leather and Wood to Enhance the Sage Green Bedroom

trendy sage green bedroom decoration leather bed headboard

Small Bedroom Décor in Sage Green, Black, Beige and Pink

small bedroom decorating ideas sage green and black


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