Bedroom decor trends 2023: find out which styles and colors will be a hit!

by Kremy

Since the budget is almost never sufficient, planned interior renovations are often divided by room. For example, 4 years ago, we redid the living room which is actually open to the kitchen and also includes a dining area. A few years ago, we invested a large sum to replace the furniture in the children’s room. But the adult bedroom decor? I’ll freely admit that we’ve neglected it to the point that I find it difficult to spend time in it except for sleeping. So it’s decided! In 2023, as soon as the weather starts to warm up a bit and we can take a few days off, I’m going to redecorate the room and I’m going to do it the right way! But what are the trendy styles and colors of 2023 that are supposed to hit the next year and beyond?

Anticipate bedroom decor trends instead of following them

Bedroom decor trends 2023 bedside lamps pendants accent wall

The main idea of successful bedroom decor is that the users of the room must create a real sanctuary where their well-being and inner peace will be the top priorities. Only then should one pay attention to current trends. And while the first point is decidedly individual, I can certainly help you with the last. After researching several sites devoted to contemporary adult bedroom design and decoration, a few fascinating trends immediately come to the fore as the most promising. Some come as a logical continuation of the current year’s fashions, while others are brand new and fresh! Here they are, through a gallery of images, accompanied by some useful explanations!

Focus on the architectural elements that you can highlight

2023 bedroom decorating trends industrial chic style


The first golden rule in interior design is to make what you already have available to your advantage. The same goes for the bedroom decor trends: we take advantage of the architectural features around which to center the overall design. Double height ceilings or wall niches can be difficult to handle, but once you see them as assets rather than disadvantages, the task becomes much easier!

White wall paint highlights the arched windows and accent beams

bedroom decoration trends 2023 arched windows

A floor-to-ceiling glass partition can separate the bedroom from the living room in an aesthetic and modern way

bedroom decoration trends 2023 glass partition wall

Opt for a classic style with a twist: an idea not to be missed!

master bedroom decor trends 2023 art deco style accents

There are styles that have become true classics over time and this is not a random phenomenon. What do you think of the revamped art deco room on the image above? Not exactly your type? It’s probably the modernized rustic decor that you prefer? Or the bohemian bedroom decor where organic textures, handmade objects and green plants are cult? All of these options are “ok” because they will remain super popular for months to come!

Superb biophilic decoration idea in the cozy and trendy boho chic bedroom

bedroom decoration trends 2023 bohemian style natural colors

The rustic style dominated by wood has a more modern twist than ever in 2023!

2023 bedroom decorating trends rustic style modern idea wood neutral colors

How to combine several bedroom decor trends to stay on top

2023 bedroom decorating trends loft industrial style interior

What are the trendy colors in bedroom decor?

Bedroom decor trends 2023 white grey accents bohemian chic style

Since the tones of the color wheel greatly influence our mood, our perceptions, even our behavior, everyone is interested in what colors are trending in the field of fashion and interior design. Well, the news is great, because bedroom decor 2023 comes in nearly every hue imaginable, which means you’re only limited by your own imagination.

Bedroom decor trends 2023 warm cold colors combination

Totally neutral beiges like in the 2022, gray-on-white interiors with Scandinavian or bohemian touches, rooms in delicate powder pink and austere gray for a fabulous contrast… There are dozens of good ideas for color combinations! Here are some more examples in photos that will help you determine which shades suit you best:

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Fusion of classicism and industrial chic helped by the eye-catching pastel pink and cement gray duo

bedroom decoration trends 2023 pink pastel grey chic industrial

Sage green, celadon and green-gray are just a few of the trendy options for 2023

bedroom decoration trends 2023 ideas wall paint green houseplants

The blue color chart is another rich source of bold decorating ideas for the master bedroom.

bedroom design and decor trend 2023 styles colors must have furniture

The other elements of the 2023 trendy decoration

Bedroom decor trends 2023 white grey wood headboard

It’s safe to say that 2022 was the year of the big return of imposing headboard as a top decorative element in the bedroom. This trend will go on in 2023 and the only one that could dethrone it is the eye-catching upholstered bedside accent wall. In fact, there is no need for competition here, as apparently the two can coexist peacefully together, in perfect harmony!

Imposing wall covering at the bedside or eye-catching headboard? Both, please!

Bedroom decor trends 2023 eye catching accent wall

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