2023 resolutions: 10 realistic goals to achieve in the New Year!

by Gabby

I can officially say Happy New Year! Welcome 2023, we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! 2022 was a very good year, we send her off with much gratitude and hope the new one brings us more success, beautiful moments and good health. There is undoubtedly one tradition we all try to observe at New Year. That is to create New Year’s resolutions that will lead us to having a better year. When planning, people tend to follow their plan and what they are told. They have a clear idea of what will happen. That’s what these resolutions are for, to get an idea of what we’re going to be like and what’s in store for us. Have you heard the expression “new year, new me”? Let’s see some ideas for 2023 resolutions.

2023 resolutions: What are the best ideas to adapt?

2023 resolutions new year new me saving money finding love ideas to be better

What are the best ideas for resolutions in 2023? Let’s forget the clichés and get into easily achievable resolutions. People often set unfeasible goals and easily get frustrated and ditch everything they have in mind. That’s not going to happen if you see yourself upgrading step by step. Prepare your mind and train it that something new is coming that will give you pleasure and the end result will make you happy. Don’t think it will be like some hard hill to climb, but rather stairs that you will climb every day. Today it may be one, tomorrow two, and on another day five. Every day is different as are your attitudes and moods and that’s okay! Now, check out some of my favorite resolutions for 2023!

Get a planner! It is a life changer!

planner 2023 how to plan your year easy resolutions goals be better versions of yourself


It was pretty cliché to me at first, but trust me it will change your lifestyle and outlook. Writing in a planner every day will help you more easily accomplish your goals for next year. Write down what you want to achieve, improve or change. There’s no more satisfying feeling than opening it at the end of 2023 and finding out how much you’ve actually achieved. There you can write about your work, your personal life, regimes you follow or what you’ve learned every day. My favorite thing is to write my “thought of the day” and then reread them.

Work out for your own health, don’t compare yourself to others!

how to work out new years resolution realistic goals dont compare yourself to others

Sport means health, and everyone should know that. It’s clear that sometimes we don’t have time, or we don’t feel well. To start with, start with light workouts and see how your mood will change for the better. If you miss a day, don’t judge yourself and don’t be angry. Understand that it happens and it’s not a problem. Another very important thing is to do it absolutely and only for yourself to stay healthy. Don’t compare yourself to Instagram models who edit their photos for hours. Enjoy your body and love yourself more! You can check 10 of the best health goals for 2023!

Give one compliment a day to yourself and to your loved ones!

self compliment 2023 resolutions realistic goals for the new year

Work more towards loving yourself and being grateful for who you are. Stand in front of the mirror and compliment yourself before you go off to do tasks. If you want you can do it to someone close to you or a complete stranger. By loving those around you, you will love yourself more. This is significant for our mental health, because a lot of our anxiety comes from the lack of self-love.

Get rid of your old stuff that you don’t use anymore!

clear out your old things that you dont use anymore donate resolution for 2023

Believe it or not, cleanliness and tidiness plays a huge role in our mental health. When it’s messy it affects us. Take the time to clean and tidy to feel balanced. Get rid of the unnecessary. You’ll feel like you’ve gotten rid of a heavy load. You can donate your stuff, so in addition to doing good for yourself, you’ll do good for someone else.

Save money to travel somewhere as one of your 2023 resolutions!

save money to travel resolution 2023 easy to achieve make realistic goals

Do you have a dream destination but still put off visiting it? Set aside a little money each month from your paycheck and give yourself that trip! It’s time to make your dreams come true. Record in your planner how much you have saved each month. This way you will see that your dream is getting closer!

Reduce the time you spend on social media!

reduce the time you spend on social media resolution goal for 2023

Reduce the time you spend on social networks. Do an experiment with yourself and turn that time into something useful like learning a new language, reading a book or seeing your loved ones. In just a short time, you’ll feel very good. Social networks also play a role on our mental health. It’s time to take care of it in 2023!

2023 resolutions: Stop buying things you don’t need!

shopping addiction stop buying things you dont need save money spending mode

Shopping is my biggest addiction and biggest sin against me. I have to admit, I often buy things I just don’t need. It’s time for that to stop! Only buy things out of necessity and save money. You can use them for travel, donations or to buy your dream home in the future!

Spend more quality time with your loved ones!

spending time with your loved ones family resolution for 2023 how to be better

In 2023, don’t neglect your loved ones! Try to spend more time with them, without phones. Socialize, take walks, laugh, cook or watch your favorite show. Work is important too, but we typically prioritize it, which is a mistake. Time spent with our family and friends is most precious! You can start today by sending them cards for New Years!

Do acts of kindness!

random acts of kindness new year resolution better version of myself 2023

Love is in the little things! Do small kindnesses when you can and when fate offers you such opportunities! It is easy to be good people!

2023 resolutions: Let go of the anger, forgive!

dont hold grudges give forgivness let go of anger be kind resolutions 2023

Let the anger stay in 2022 and start 2023 fresh. If you have anger towards a person, situation or whatever, forgive and move on. There is no more liberating feeling than that!

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