Interior Tips: Mediterranean Bedroom Decor and How to Create a Modern Rustic Style

by Kremy

Few interior styles are able to capture the romantic beauty of the Mediterranean, and designing a Mediterranean bedroom can reflect that. In addition, the Mediterranean style in interior design is a timeless trend that is popular all over the world. Such rustic yet luxurious and comfortable interior designs bring influences of European eloquence, rustic decor, navy blue and earthy color schemes. They can be perfectly combined with modern, traditional and contemporary elements. Inspired by their respective regions, their unique blend of cultures and rich heritage, the modern Mediterranean style is actually a mixture of the best elements drawn from Spain, Italy, Greece and North Africa.

interior tips for designing mediterranean bedrooms in light colors

While the image of Mediterranean interiors most often immediately leads to mysterious, secluded patios and breezy outdoor areas overlooking the distant coast, this is indeed a perfect theme for tranquil and stylish bedrooms. From classic to contemporary and modern to rustic, Mediterranean influences suit just about any design. It’s a style that’s both pleasing to the eye and easy to manage.

luxurious furniture and mirror mediterranean bedroom design


With endless choices in terms of colors, textures and specific styles, there are numerous ways to bring Mediterranean-inspired elegance to your bedroom. Each of the regions mentioned above has its own unique use of color, pattern, furniture and decoration. So here are some great tips that can help you design a beautiful Mediterranean style bedroom.

Before Choosing This Design Style for Your Bedroom Space

earthy hues and terracotta colors in a bedroom mediterranean style

Before you start decorating your Mediterranean bedroom, it is important to understand that the overall style combines several different design options. For example, you can opt for exciting, colorful and classic Spanish influences or a Greek style with deep blues, turquoise and lots of white. There’s also the classic Italian style that seems to bring home the dreamy, old-world charm of Tuscany. Bold Moroccan influences can also take the bedroom in a whole different direction. So, before you get started, you need to have a clear idea for your Mediterranean bedroom.

Add Colorful Accents to the Mediterranean Bedroom Decor

create an inviting atmosphere in your mediterranean bedroom

If you’ve settled on a neutral backdrop or don’t want to change the one you already have in your bedroom, it’s time to add vibrant and bold splashes of azure, coral, terracotta, lavender, rich yellow and fiery red. This is how you introduce the timeless Mediterranean style into the bedroom. In addition, color is a very important and integral part of the region’s lively lifestyle. Accordingly, it is automatically translated into the interior design. Just think of a beautiful sunset on the Mediterranean coast or the bright orange gardens and you immediately have a color palette to work with.

green plants as color accents in a minimalist bedroom


The Mediterranean style is often characterized by a neutral color scheme for its base, especially on the walls. Splashes of color are not only tolerated, but also encouraged. So keep your walls and even your furniture white or neutral and accent them with little shades of blue and red or other nature-inspired hues. This is a simple yet effective way to add a Mediterranean touch to your bedroom. In addition, the Mediterranean interior design has a variety of color palettes. But one of their signatures is undoubtedly the color of the sea or sea blue. You can apply this in any way you see fit: walls, furniture, fabrics, etc. Embracing hues that evoke images of the sea, such as sky blue, turquoise or navy blue, and their pairing, often creates the backdrop for a tranquil environment. It makes you feel like you’re right on the ocean’s edge.

Mediterranean Bedroom Flooring

stylish bedroom with elements made of wood and natural materials

Hand-painted tiles have always been a very important part of the different styles that originate from the Mediterranean. However, giving your entire bedroom floor a major makeover might be too much of a commitment. So try some additional mosaic or some artwork that uses colorful tiles. However, make sure the floor isn’t too sterile and cover it with some beautiful Moroccan rugs to initiate patterns with Mediterranean vitality.

neutral concrete floor and white walls mediterranean style bedroom

Natural materials are also an integral part of this style. In addition, you can create a bare concrete floor without decorated furniture. This goes well with minimally decorated white walls and natural light streaming through glass doors. The open plan design makes a bedroom feel like an extension of the other rooms in the house. If you have glass doors, they can continue that sense of expansion to the outside. Additional pops of orange and blue on soft furnishings like blankets can add a dose of color that shows a Spanish modern influence to the neutral space.

Create Airy Bedrooms with Natural Light

color accents in mediterranean bedroom decor

The flood of natural light illuminating the interior is what immediately comes to mind in a Mediterranean-style bedroom. In addition, Mediterranean-style bedrooms need plenty of natural light. If your bedroom has little natural light, use glossy or mirrored finishes and a clean design scheme to make it appear as airy as possible. Large white curtains can replace heavier curtains to let in more light as well.

large windows with black frames let natural light into a bedroom with a rustic flair

One of the most common goals of this style is to bring in the outside world. A simple way to achieve this is to let in as much natural light as possible. Even if you don’t have access to larger windows, keep them unobstructed or as unobstructed as possible, similar to the room shown here. The white walls and minimal furnishings give a spacious and airy feel that makes the space feel brighter and more connected to the outside world.

Add A Modern or Vintage Four Poster Bed for High Ceilings

natural light Mediterranean bedroom decor

Especially in Spanish motifs, vintage or antique furniture can make a major contribution to a Mediterranean look. Namely, rustic furniture pieces and decor tend to look bold yet simple. In addition, such a four-poster bed with eye-catching details, as well as a wooden bedside table and a beautiful, colorful patterned rug, can create a classic yet unique space. Not everyone has high ceilings, but if your bedroom does, it’s already a step towards a Mediterranean theme.

black canopy bed with thin frame contrasts with white walls in a modern bedroom

Often accentuated by high, spacious ceilings during construction, many of these rooms have exposed wooden beams that add some flair. Even if your ceiling is lower, there is no need to worry. You can still decorate your bedroom in such a way that the eye is directed upwards. A modern four-poster bed is also a great way to do just that. Exposed wooden beams add a charming aspect to any room they are part of. Especially with additional wooden furniture in the room, it helps tie the entire room together for a cohesive look. If your home doesn’t already have them, you can still get the look by installing faux versions.

Complement a Trendy Mediterranean Bedroom with Curved Shapes

vintage furniture large bedroom with curved shapes and rustic flair

Say goodbye to normal rectangular doors – arches are the ideal entrances for the Mediterranean style. This simultaneously offers a classic and modern open concept with soft, rounded lines. And is the perfect addition to your bedroom.

Mediterranean design style with curved furnishings like huge golden-mirror

However, if you don’t have them in your home and prefer not to build such elements, you can add the shape in other ways. A large format gold arch mirror or even painting an arch shape on your wall can create a similar effect.




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