How to Style a Console Table Like a Professional Designer?

by Kremy

A console table is a stylish and interesting piece of furniture that can not only decorate the environment but also perform functional tasks. Do you know how to style a console table? We will show you some design tricks that will help you! Whether your console table is behind a sofa, in the hallway, or in the living room, with these techniques, you will surely make it a focal point and a conversational piece!

how to decorate a console table


Console Tables Are Versatile Piece of Furniture

how to style a console table like a professional designer

Console tables were hugely popular during the Classicism period and were used for placing clocks and lamps, ladies’ trinkets, etc. Nowadays, this piece of furniture is successfully used to decorate spaces or as a room divider to zone open-plan spaces. The compact size of these tables is one of their biggest advantages. Due to the fact that they do not have massive parts, you can fit one in a small area and save space. Usually, these tables are lightweight, which makes them very easy to move and change their place if you wish.

console tables are versatile piece of furniture

Where can you place a console table? The answer is – anywhere. It will look good in every room of the house – bedroom, living room, hallway, kitchen, even home office. Console tables come in a huge variety of styles, from rustic to classic to ultra-modern, so you can easily find a model that works with the style of your home interior.

How to Choose the Right Décor Elements to Style a Console Table?

how to choose the right decor elements to style a console table

When you want to style a console table, you need to have at least a rough idea of the final result that you expect. Select pieces that work with each other, both in terms of style and size. Size matters! The larger the items, the smaller the number. Make sure that you do not use more than 5-7 items, but it will depend on the size of the table itself and the interior style. For example, if you decorate in minimalist style, using a maximum of 3 elements is quite ok, but if the interior concept is in Shabby Chic style, you can use 7-8 decorative items.

choose the right elements to decorate a console table

Your largest decorative element should be the “eye-catcher.” If it is lamps, both their shades and bases should stand out; if you use vases, play with their shapes and textures. Creating contrasts always works! Combine ceramic or colored glass vases with metal or wood; choose colors that work harmoniously with each other.

Do not forget that a console table is not only decorative but also functional. If the console stands in the hallway, then small items like keys can be placed in a beautiful dish that will blend in with the decoration organically.

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How to Style a Console Table Like a Professional?

how to style a console table like a pro

A console resembles a narrow table or shelf on legs. Despite its small size, the table is a functional element that can perform different roles. You can choose a minimalist approach or arrange a variety of items on any console. So, how to style a console table like a pro? Experienced designers use some techniques, and we will share the main principles that will help you create awesome compositions.

Create a Focal Point

how to style a console table create a large focal point

Place a large item. It can be a painting, a mirror, or several photos. This is the “anchor” of your composition.

Add Height

add height to the decor of the console table

Do not be afraid of high items; they add dynamism and make the styling of the console table more elegant. To add height, you can use table lamps, vases, plants, dry branches, etc.

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Style the Bottom of the Console Table

style the bottom of the console table

Some designers prefer to leave the bottom part of the console table clear and emphasize only the top level. However, you can use the space to add texture – place baskets, statuettes, low oval ceramic vases, decorative pillows, etc. Stacking books is another design trick that will add height and diversity to your decoration.

It’s All About Balance

balance the elements when you style a console table

One of the most common mistakes when styling a console table is a lack of balance. Many people decorate only the center or the edges. Whether you style the décor symmetrically or asymmetrically, you should balance the elements.

Use Natural Elements

use natural elements to style your console table

Books, vases, lamps, candles, and the like are great accessories with high decorative value. You can arrange them in a million different ways. However, live plants add soul to the décor. From a fabulous orchid in a magnificent pot to green houseplants or fresh flowers, a bouquet of roses, asters, or other seasonal flowers will give a new dimension to the arrangement of your console table. Even a small succulent plant placed on top of stacked books will do.

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