Interior design trends 2023: These are the current home design trends that can beautify your home in the new year!

by Kremy

As we have spent most of our time indoors in recent years, creating a relaxed home has become a top priority. And with the start of 2023, design choices that promote comfort and stability within your home will continue to be made. With the many events in today’s world, often uncertain and stressful, home decor will shift towards balance, tranquility and simplicity. It’s time to start thinking about what’s going to be trending in the coming year. Discover the latest interior design trends 2023 here!

Current home design trends – multipurpose interiors

2023 home design trends multi purpose interiors

In 2023, the rooms must fulfill several functions. It is important to design flexible interiors in a smart and purposeful way. A kitchen is not only a kitchen, but also a dining room and a place where you entertain guests and where you sometimes work during the week.

Current Home Trends 2023


That is why multipurpose rooms are more and more in demand. It’s great to see what our interiors can do for us and our lifestyle.

New interior design trends 2023 – oasis at home in the living room

New interior design trends 2023 oasis at home in the living room

Homeowners will also create a vacation-like retreat in their rooms. Expect a shift away from white and monochrome. As many homeowners return to traveling after the pandemic, they are bringing home certain pieces from their trips. People want a home that speaks about them and their experiences, rather than the muted and minimal designs of the past.

Modern home design trends – kitchen with marble elements

home design trends kitchen with marble elements

More and more homeowners are incorporating bold pieces of marble into their kitchens to create a focal point and add a touch of drama. You can achieve this look with bold colors, unique grain patterns, or both.

The latest interior design trends 2023 – elegant household appliances

The latest decorating trends 2023 elegant household appliances


Cabinets and kitchen islands are the focal point of a home and people choose to look bold and want their appliances to complement the overall design. Induction cooktops are especially popular because of their sleek look, safety and efficiency.

Sustainable living and vintage furniture

Sustainable living and vintage furniture

In the coming year we will be on the lookout for designers and manufacturers who create beautiful pieces from sustainable sources. Sustainability continues to be a buzzword in interior design, especially for designers and clients who embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. We expect the “recycle and reuse” attitude to be much more widely adopted in 2023.

Interior design trends 2023 beautiful living room

Display cabinets filled with antique treasures and one-offs from flea markets and thrift stores destined to be upcycled and reused will add a touch of cool eccentricity in 2023. It is a classic style that is coordinated to create an intriguing and energetic feeling in our homes.

Decorative borders and stencils in the wall covering in the living room and bedroom

Decorative borders and stencils in wall covering in living room and bedroom

Fans of traditional wall coverings will love one of the most creative trends of 2023 – borders and stencils. Inspired by old homes, this renewed interest in traditional craftsmanship reflects our newfound appreciation for graceful living.

Trendy interior design for the bedroom

All trends are cyclical and we are currently enjoying many nods to the 1930s in interior design. Stenciling is reminiscent of classic murals. Considering how easily stencil painting can provide an additional layer to painted furniture or even walls, it’s no surprise that we keep finding new ways to bring it back.

Home design trends 2023 – the trendy colors

Home trends 2023 the fashionable colors

In the coming year, a new, fresh color will find its way into interiors. Reminiscent of the setting sun, it helps create an inviting and nourishing energy.

Trendy colors for your home 2023

One of the trending colors in interior design for 2023 is also the soft, golden neutral tone.

Interior design trends 2023 the modern colors for your home

We notice that yellow is also trendy. When used properly, it adds energy and warmth to spaces. The shiny yellow hues are unique and add an elegant, refreshing pop of color, especially when contrasted with a muted sage green wall or warm wooden cabinets.

Oversized lamps and wall sconces

Oversized lamps and wall sconces

Pendant lights and chandeliers play with perspective, especially in smaller spaces. For 2023, products are designed with exaggerated scale to add visual interest and a sense of fun. A statement lamp can make a big impact in a living room, while a similarly shaped lamp on a smaller scale can be much more practical in a corner or on a small shelf.

Interior design trends 2023 – new sofas and furniture with curved shapes

Interior design trends 2023 new sofas and furniture with oval shapes

Although they’ve been on the rise for a number of years, curves will be everywhere in 2023. Curved furniture, like sofas and armchairs, as well as round cushions and accessories seem to be making a comeback in 2023. Curved architectural features, such as arched doorways and interiors are also very popular at the moment.

Workplace with flair

Beautiful home design trends home office with flair

The workplace, whether at home or in the office, has been redefined. But it is only now that these rooms are being designed very individually. The office can incorporate elements that make working more enjoyable. From furniture design to room layout to interior greenery, the workplace is getting a cheerful makeover to increase its utilization and employee productivity. And if you work from home, you can customize the decor to suit your exact needs.





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