Ceramic Tile 2022 Trends and Exceptional Modern Home Interior Designs

by Kremy

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular finishing materials and have been used for many years. This material is never out of style. Let’s have a look at the most interesting ceramic tile 2022 trends and how this classic material will look in modern home interior designs.

Ceramic Tile 2022 Trends Modern Home Interior Designs

Ceramic tiles are a spectacular material, the potential of which is growing every year. Thanks to modern technologies, manufacturers offer models that have a great visual appeal without sacrificing functionality – from imitations of natural textures like onyx or marble, to strict geometric patterns and lines.

Ceramic Tile 2022 Trends – Spectacular Designs with Great Aesthetic Appeal

Ceramic Tile 2022 Trends Home Designs with Great Aesthetic Appeal


Ceramic tile 2022 trends feature many beautiful collections. Some models are used to decorate walls and floors indoors, while others are used for wall outdoor use. If you need to buy tiles for the interior of your house, you need to decide where exactly you will install them – wall or floor. Floor tiles must be very resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion. Do not be afraid to experiment combining imitations of natural materials and flat surfaces. Combine light and dark colors, textures and finishes.

Ceramic Tile that Imitate Natural Stone and Marble

Ceramic Tile that Imitate Natural Stone and Marble

This trend is a mix of two popular trends. It combines the vibrant color that triumphantly returned to the bathrooms with the beauty of natural stone. Tiles imitating natural stone like granite, marble, onyx and marble imitation finishes now impress with energetic shades. Manufacturers offer fantastic designs and at first glance it is difficult to determine whether you are looking at the real stone or a tile. The concept of using natural colors and natural patterns in the decor works great for creating relaxing interiors.

Wood Grain Ceramic Tiles

wood look ceramic tiles flooring

The pronounced texture and authenticity of the wood pattern convey a sense of handicraft, creating a cozy and elegant home space. Ceramic tiles can effectively imitate popular natural wood species as well as exotic ones. The choice of this type of finishing material is practically unlimited. Manufacturers are trying to outdo each other in creating more and more new collections, models and textures. These tiles come in a wide variety of sizes which provides numerous opportunities for original designs.

Terrazzo Tiles

terrazzo tiles in bathroom decor


Terrazzo, as a technique for decorating the floor, appeared in ancient Rome. The material has long been found in a wide variety of interiors. Nowadays terrazzo tiles are made from marble or granite chips, fragments of colored stones, quartz, which are poured into cement and pressed. Terrazzo looks very modern and stylish and is trending again in 2022.

Metallic Tiles for Modern Interiors

design trend metallic tile modern home interiors

Tiles imitating chrome or rusting metal fit perfectly into loft or Hi-Tech design concepts. Cold aluminum, reddish copper, bronze, aged metal – all this can be organically blended into different design styles.

Rainbow Effect

ceramic tile with rainbow effect

Many manufacturers are working on color research, examining how the chosen palette can influence the appearance of ceramics. More and more tiles appear in the collections, which shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. Different glazes can be combined to create compositions with different visual effects and turn ceramic tiles into a catchy decor element.

Unusual Tile Shapes

trendy ceramic tile with unusual shapes

Everyone is familiar with rectangles and squares, but today there are many tiles with unusual shapes – rhombuses, hexagons, triangles, fish scale, etc. All these forms can be mixed, you can select unusual color shades, create complex compositions and, in general, get creative and show your artistic talent.

Ceramic Tiles with Matte Finish

living room tiles with matte finish wall decor ideas

The lack of glazing creates the matte surface of the tiles. It is very easy to distinguish matte products due to the lack of glossy shine. Among professional designers, matte tiles, produced using modern technology, are especially appreciated.

3D Tiles for Original Voluminous Interiors

design trend 3D tiles wall decorating ideas

3D tiles create spectacular walls and a feeling of movement and dynamism of sculptures. This design technique adds visual interest to the room. Experts advise combining 3D tiles with plain colors for a unique contemporary mood. The relief surfaces impress with the captivating interplay of light and shadows.


bathroom decor wall tiles with geometric pattern

Geometry has taken an important place in modern interiors. Its diversity has expanded significantly, maybe that’s why 2022 ceramic tiles may seem a little unusual.

Textured Tiles

design trend textured ceramic tiles modern home decor

Textured tiles are not smooth or flat to touch. They add character, interest, dimension and style to any interior and create a unique opulent look in your home.




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