Wedding Car Decorating Ideas to Celebrate the Beginning of Family Life

by Kremy

A wedding is an exciting and memorable event with its special festive atmosphere. In this article, we will show you beautiful and stylish wedding car decorating ideas that will add to the mood and will not cost a fortune! Festive wedding car decoration is an important detail for newlyweds and their guests. It not only gives a nice finishing touch to the vehicle, but it also gives it a special festive look. Gone are the days when options were limited. Today’s cars aren’t just covered in flowers, the decoration is carefully planned to fit perfectly with the theme of the wedding. Yes, you can think of eccentric and humorous elements as well.

Awesome Wedding Car Decorating Ideas

You can have your means of transport professionally decorated or you can choose to take care of it yourself to guarantee the most beautiful ride of your life. Indeed, it depends on the type of vehicle. If this is a rental, ask the driver if there are any decorating restrictions. If this is your own car, feel free to have a little more fun, but don’t use any materials that could damage the finish. The list of materials to avoid at all costs includes spray paint, electrical tape, and masking tape.

Wedding Car Decorating Ideas – What materials to use?

Wedding Car Decorating Ideas What materials to use


There are traditional ways of decorating a car for a wedding. Choosing the right materials is important, especially if you decorate the vehicle by yourself. Wedding car decorating ideas are diverse, yet there are some general rules that you need to know and follow.

  • On the first place, choose decorative elements that work with the theme and concept of your wedding. In the simplest case, the bride and groom choose the colors of the wedding and they are present in the decoration of the banquet hall, the wedding arch, the isle, and wedding cars are no exception.
  • Consistency is important. Using the same colors and materials will help you keep to the theme of the wedding.
  • Knowing basics of combining colors and styles is important otherwise you may ruin both the wedding photos and the overall impression of the celebration.

Wedding car decorating ideas with fresh flowers

There are many wedding car decorating ideas and here are the most popular ones:

  • Classics – decorations with ribbons and flowers arrangements.
  • Minimalist style – a small tulle drapery and small compositions of artificial or fresh flowers.
  • Flowers – decoration with natural and artificial flowers.
  • Decoration with tulle – the entire hood of the car is draped, and additional decorating accessories are attached over the material.

Of course, the choice of decoration should be combined with the appearance of the vehicle – its model and color. It is better to decorate premium class cars or retro cars in a minimalist style.

Affordable Wedding Car Decoration with Balloons

Affordable Wedding Car Decoration with Balloons

Balloons are adorable and create a playful atmosphere, perfect for the car of honeymooners. The idea for decorating a wedding car with balloons allows you to transform even a modest car into a chic vehicle. The rule is simple – the more modest the car, the more balloons you need and use more colors. The easiest option is to attach bundles of bright balloons to the door handles, as well as to the trunk of a car.

Wedding Car Decorating Ideas with Fresh Flowers

flower garland festive wedding vehicles decor

Fresh flowers are the most expensive way to decorate a car but they give the vehicle a fresh and lively appearance. And working with fresh flowers is quite difficult – this is the case when it is better to contact a specialist. However, you can try it yourself. As a rule, original flower compositions are attached to the hood of the car – hearts, straight or diagonal stripes, wreaths, etc.

Wedding Car Decoration with Ribbons

Wedding Car Decoration with Ribbons

Using ribbons is the most popular and easiest way to decorate a wedding car, especially suitable for couples who decide to decorate the car on their own. Ribbons add color and brightness. At the same time, light shades look the most harmonious and festive on dark cars, and for cars in light colors it is best to choose brighter shades of ribbons. Ribbons can be combined with balloons, flowers, paper garlands, etc.

“Just married” Banners

easy wedding car decorating ideas Just Married banner

A “Just Married” banner is an easy way to decorate the wedding car. It is not only traditional, but is also fun! You can also have a custom made “Just married” license plate or a DIY sign attached to the car.

Car handles decoration

Wedding Car handles decoration

The main rule here is minimalism. Do not overload this small element of the car with decor. A bright single flower or a small flower bouquet plus a few bright ribbons will be enough.

Tin cans

classic wedding car decorations tin cans

If you are a fan of classic and iconic wedding car decorations, tin cans are the way to go! The sound of dragging tin cans will grab the attention of everyone. This is a great DIY wedding decoration project. Just make sure that you attach the cans with durable and colorful ribbons or ropes and tie them to the car.


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