Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas – Elegant and Sophisticated Retro Style Feast

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A future bride can get lost in the plethora of ideas for a themed wedding. Tiffany blue wedding ideas will be the perfect choice for couples that want to have a truly elegant event. A wedding in Tiffany style means beauty and originality, luxury combined with minimalism. It should be borne in mind that the Tiffany style does not tolerate vulgarity. It is, before all, retro, where every detail is important.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas Elegant and Sophisticated Retro Style Feast

Tiffany blue wedding ideas have a special charm and sophistication as you will see in the photo gallery below. How to organize the perfect romantic Tiffany style wedding? How to decorate the venue, tables, what party favors to choose? Find the answers of these questions in our article!

Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas – Choose the Invitations

Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas Invitations


Tiffany-style wedding invitations should look stylish and glamorous. It is better to choose invitations in the unique Tiffany color decorated with rhinestones, beads, pearls, bows, engraving or silver embossing. The invitations can be sent in cute openwork envelopes that set the tone for the whole event. In general, invitations should be a small souvenir for each guest. Make sure that everyone is informed for the style of your wedding and will have time to prepare in advance in case you set a dress code.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas – Bride and Groom Attire

bride and bridesmaids Tiffany blue wedding ideas

What is the perfect dress for a Tiffany blue wedding? Thinking over her look, the bride must take into account two criteria: simplicity and elegance and take Audrey Hepburn’s appearance as an example – porcelain skin, pale lips, black arrows and lush eyelashes.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas Bride and Groom Attire

It is better to choose a white dress with a classic cut. The dress can be either long or short. A simple floor-length straight cut is suitable with accent on beautiful ornaments – embroidery, decoration with beads or pearls, etc. The bride can choose the classic wedding dress with a puffy skirt, but you need to remember that “Tiffany” is a retro style, which means that it is better to choose retro minimalism and a straight dress. A Tiffany blue accent – a belt or other decorative element – will perfectly complement the white dress of the bride.

tiffany blue wedding bride hairstyle ideas

Hair, makeup, accessories and bridal bouquet should also be in accordance with the style. Tiffany style dictates its own rules: hairstyle and makeup in the style of Audrey Hepburn will undoubtedly become the highlight of the celebration. Hair should be collected in a high bun and decorated with a tiara, satin ribbon or short veil. You can also use other retro hairstyles.

The wedding makeup should be simple and stylish at the same time. Follow the trends of the era – long arrows, huge, almost doll-like eyelashes and nude lipstick.

Special attention should be paid to accessories – pearls, diamonds, silk gloves, sparkling tiaras with crystals, rhinestones and even diamonds, hats – all of these can be used.

wedding theme ideas tiffany blue

The bride’s bouquet should look luxurious yet modest. Avoid huge flower arrangements. A stemmed bouquet made from delicate hydrangeas, roses or orchids decorated with a Tiffany blue ribbon and a brooch will be perfect.

The bride can wear Tiffany blue shoes which will be a wonderful “something blue” accent.

tiffany blue wedding groom ideas

The groom should look as elegant as the bride. A tuxedo or a classic three-piece, a white shirt, cufflinks, a narrow tie or bow tie and a vintage hairstyle is a true beau from a fairy tale. A bowtie, tie, vest or boutonniere in Tiffany blue color will be great.

Inspirational Tiffany Blue Wedding Decoration Ideas

Inspirational Tiffany Blue Wedding Decoration Ideas

Tiffany style unites what seemed impossible to combine: the brilliance of diamonds – with the freshness of blue and white, simplicity and glamour. If you have selected a Tiffany blue wedding theme, prepare decorations in different shades of blue (blue, mint, turquoise), because this color is the basis of the style. You can combine blue with contrasting black, chocolate, cream or white. The turquoise-blue scale gives the wedding design an exceptional freshness and charm.

tiffany blue wedding theme decorating ideas

However, do not forget that Tiffany style is not just a color scheme, but a certain retro direction. Therefore, when decorating, you need to use details that convey the spirit of the 60s. It doesn’t matter what you choose – long tables and benches or separate tables and chairs. The highlight of the design will be black and white photos, crystals, mirrors and satin ribbon decorations.

Tiffany blue wedding table decorations should be designed in the overall palette and style. Bet on white and blue, as well as crystal glasses, floral centerpieces with beads, elegant dishes, candles, etc.

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Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake and Party Favors Ideas

Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake Ideas

The wedding cake should be the highlight of the evening. It will be perfect if it is made as a Tiffany gift box. You can also choose a classic cake decorated with white and Tiffany blue ornaments.

If you want your guests to have something memorable after the wedding, then you can make small gifts for them. For example, order small key chains with a Tiffany look and packed in a branded box on which the wedding date is printed.

glamorous tiffany blue wedding table decoration

In conclusion, we can say that the wedding is a huge, once in a lifetime event so make it extraordinary. With a little effort, you will arrange a dream Tiffany blue wedding and it will become the most unforgettable day for you. Such a celebration will be remembered for a long time not only by you, but also by all your guests!


elegant table decorating ideas tiffany blue theme

tiffany blue wedding theme beautiful decorating ideas


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