Thanksgiving Napkin Folding Ideas – Seasonal Decoration for Your Table

by Kremy

The art of folding napkins transforms any festive table. We have some fantastic Thanksgiving napkin folding ideas which can add a great touch to your table decoration. Everyone is aware that a beautifully folded napkin is a great way to add an original touch to the decoration without any expense.

Thanksgiving Napkin Folding Ideas Seasonal Decoration for Your Table

Napkins, as well as beautiful dishes, play an important role. An exquisite table setting is not necessarily expensive tableware and a luxurious tablecloth. Stylishly folded napkins can impress your guests much more.

How to Choose Napkins for Your Thanksgiving Table?

How to Choose Napkins for Your Thanksgiving Table


Aesthetic serving of dishes and beautiful table setting are a great way to create a festive atmosphere and add a special sophistication to your dishes. Table textiles: tablecloths and napkins will help create a festive atmosphere for a festive dinner without unnecessary costs and efforts.

Cloth napkins look more elegant and are better for special occasions than paper napkins. There are no clear rules for choosing the color of napkins. They can completely match the color of the tablecloth or contrast it. The color of the napkins may not match the tablecloth, but the material must be identical. Linen napkins are suitable for linen tablecloths, silk napkins for silk, etc.

For home celebrations, it is quite possible to use paper napkins. They are both practical and beautiful, and new every time. Instead of stacking them in a napkin holder or putting boring squares in front of each guest, paper napkins can be folded in interesting ways and become original table decorations. Find your inspiration in our article dedicated to creative ideas for easy Thanksgiving napkin folding.

Pumpkin Napkin Folding

Pumpkin Napkin Folding


  • light-weight cotton or linen napkins
  • napkin rings or paper towel tube cut to approximately 2 inches/5 cm.
  • cinnamon sticks
  • eucalyptus leaves or other real or faux leaves


Place the napkin wrong side up on the table. Put the napkin ring or paper towel tube in the center of the napkin and pull some of the napkin through from the bottom. Pull equally through all sides.

Fold in the four corners of the napkin to the center.

Pumpkin Napkin Folding tutorial

Grab a piece of the fabric and losely tuck it into the napkin holder. Make a pleat with the next section of the napkin and tuck into the center again. Continue the same pattern until all of the pieces are tucked in.

Fluff up the pumpkin until you get the look you want.

Add a sprig of eucalyptus or other leaves and secure with a cinnamon stick pushed into the center.

Optionally, add a name tag.

Turkey Napkin Folding

Turkey Napkin Folding


  • square cloth napkins
  • Fir cones


Fold the napkin in half.

Take one of the ends and start pleating the cloth.

Pleat at least half way.

turkey napkin folding tutorial

Fold the napkin in half lengthwise ( holding on to the pleats). Make sure you fold on the non-pleated side.

On the plate take the un-pleated section of napkin and make a tail.

Allow the pleats to drop softly, this should create a stand up fan).

Grab a fir cone and add to front of napkin.

Cornucopia Napkin Folding

Cornucopia Napkin Folding Thanksgiving table ideas


  • square cloth napkins
  • Optional – ribbons and sweet treats to fill the cornucopia


Fold the napkin in half, and then half again, to make a square.

Roll your napkin into a cone shape.

Cornucopia Napkin Fold tutorial

Optionally, tie the napkin with decorative ribbon.

Fill the cornucopia with treats for your guests or family members.

Fall Leaf Napkin Folding

Easy Fall Leaf Napkin Fold Tutorial


  • Square paper or cloth napkins
  • Twine or ribbon


If you have a rectangular napkin, fold one of the corners over to create a triangle. Trim the excess so you have a square.

If you already have a square napkin, you just have to fold it in half diagonally.

Make a fold (about 1/2 inch/1.3 cm) along the long side of the triangle.

Easy Leaf Napkin Fold Tutorial for Thanksgiving

Flip the napkin over and make another fold of the same width.

Continue with this basic accordion fold until you have folded all the way to the point.

Pinch the napkin in the middle and fold it up on either side.

Secure it at the base with some twine and then press the center of the leaf folds together.

Fluff and press the folds until you have the shape that you like.


How To Fold Thanksgiving Napkins ideas

Thanksgiving dinner place setting napkin fold ideas

Thanksgiving table decorating ideas pumpkin napkin fold

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