Navy Blue Wedding – Chic, Elegant and Sophisticated Decor Ideas

by Kremy

A navy blue wedding is one of the most popular choices of newlyweds. This deep tone combines beautifully with other shades and colors and provides many opportunities for creativity in the design of the wedding decor.

Navy Blue Wedding Chic Elegant Decor Ideas

Blue is diverse and includes many shades – delicate blue, turquoise, deep indigo, etc. Each shade has its own energy and creates a different mood. If you are looking for something different from traditional white and you want variety and originality, but at the same time – splendor and high style, navy blue wedding ideas are just for you!

Blue color symbolizes peace, tranquility and eternity, so it is ideal for organizing a wedding celebration. It brings good luck, helps maintain loyalty and devotion. This is exactly what is needed for a long life together in happiness and joy.

How to Combine Navy Blue with Other Colors?

How to Combine Navy Blue with Other Colors


A wedding decorated in a noble navy blue color looks stylish and expensive, with its own special charm. This is an active, saturated color, so it is good to combine it with more neutral shades – beige, white, sand, etc. Such light tones will emphasize the depth of blue and the decoration of the wedding will look festive and chic.

The combination of blue with other shades depends on additional factors like illumination, time of day, halftones. It belongs to the cold side of the color wheel, so it goes well with almost all the “winter” palette shades. How to combine navy blue with other colors? Here are some ideas:

  • Blue and white is a classic combination. The contrast looks great and is suitable for many wedding themes.
  • Blue, white and red color scheme is a great choice for modern wedding as well as nautical themed decorations.
  • Blue, white and silver creates an impression of royal luxury.

navy blue wedding table decorating ideas

  • Navy blue and gold – this is an incredibly chic combination that looks grand and will enhance the importance of the event.
  • Navy blue and coral color scheme will add a touch of sophistication to the overall impression.
  • Contrasting combinations like navy blue and yellow, red or orange are cheerful and energetic.

wedding cake navy blue wedding ideas

When choosing the color combination for your wedding, remember that it is best if you combine navy blue with one color and choose a third one as an accent. However, be careful not to overdo the accents so that there are no extremes.

Stylish Navy Blue Wedding Ideas – Pay Attention to Details

Stylish Navy Blue Wedding Ideas Pay Attention to Details

When decorating a wedding in navy blue one should keep in mind that if the color is dominant, it may create the effect of an enclosed space and visually reduce the room. It looks much more refined in the details. Navy blue napkins tied with silver ribbons will be the perfect details on a white tablecloth. Table numbers and seating cards for guests can also be in navy blue.


bridal bouquet ideas navy blue wedding theme

The most important wedding flowers are, of course, the bridal bouquet. The first rule is that the bouquet should be designed so as not to merge with the dress. Blue itself is very sophisticated so keep the bouquet as light and compact as possible. Roses, callas, hydrangeas – all of these are a great choice. Navy blue satin ribbons, textile elements, beads or sequins can be used as decoration.

Bride and Groom Attire

navy blue wedding theme bridal sash accent

As a rule, a wedding in navy blue involves the selection of bride and groom attire in the same shade. How to include navy blue in the bridal attire? Well, definitely, it should not be the main color. It is much better to choose accessories in deep blue shades that will look harmoniously with the wedding dress – a belt, shoes or jewelry, interesting and ornate embroidery on the hem or bodice etc.

groom wedding suit ideas navy blue themed wedding

The groom may wear a navy blue suit with a white shirt. It can be a three-piece or other clothes that do not correspond to classical traditions, but are made in this color scheme. White, brown, yellow and red will go well with the groom’s blue suit.

wedding dress navy blue sash elegant accent

The bride’s bouquet bridesmaids’ dresses, can also correspond to the main wedding color theme.

bride outfit ideas navy blue accents jewelry shoes

Do not be afraid to use this color in everything, even in makeup or manicure, if you do it professionally and with good taste. Harmonious combinations and elaboration of details – this is the key to the success.


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