Bathroom Candle Decoration Ideas that Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

by Kremy

Decorative items will help freshen up the bathroom and make it cozier! When we plan a bathroom our main focus is functionality and ergonomics. But once the basic equipment is installed (bath, sink, shower, storage space), you may want to start decorating. We have selected some fascinating bathroom candle decoration ideas that will help you create a relaxing spa atmosphere.

Bathroom Candle Decoration Ideas that Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Bathroom decor, as a rule, is unpretentious. Due to the high level of humidity in the room it is better not to place decorative items like photographs, paintings, textiles and wood. However, this does not apply to candles. Candlelight is an affordable way to decorate your bathroom and give it a relaxing or romantic feel. Candle decoration has one undeniable advantage – it is suitable for any style of bathroom interior. You can use candles to decorate both modern acrylic corner baths and vintage clawfoot tubs, you can place them on the sink or in a niche in the wall.

Bathroom Candle Decoration Ideas to Create a Charming and Romantic Atmosphere

Bathroom Candle Decoration Ideas to Create a Charming and Romantic Atmosphere


With a few candles, you can instantly create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. Even if you don’t light them, they are a charming décor and add a feeling of dynamics thanks to their round or rectangular shapes. As soon as you light the candles, they fill the bathroom with soft light. Colored candles are perfect for your bathroom decor, and scented candles will fill the room with a pleasant aroma.

Nowadays modern lighting fixtures are used to create the ambience in a room – from beautiful floor lamps to wall sconces. However, we all know that candlelight fills the room with comfort and warmth.

lanterns and candles bathroom decor ideas

Many people are used to taking a quick shower and run to do their daily activities. Wouldn’t it be great if you stopped for a moment, fill the bath and light candles? This is the best home therapy that helps to relax, relieve stress, collect your thoughts, get rid of negativity. Give yourself a SPA hour to recover after a long day!

How to Choose Candles for Bathroom Decoration?

Choose Candles for Bathroom Decoration

The market offers a wide variety of candles that can be used for bathroom decoration. From pillar candles to tea lights, votives, scented candles, the choice of shapes, sizes and scents is really big. What is important to know when you choose candles? Let’s find out!


romantic bathroom ideas candle decoration


One of the main considerations when you choose a candle is the material from which it is made. Natural wax candles are more expensive, but much more useful than paraffin wax, because paraffin is a petroleum product. When heated, it releases toxins and cannot retain aromas for a long time.


bathroom candles DIY decor ideas romantic atmosphere

A very important and often overlooked issue is choosing a candle that matches the size of your bathroom. Why is this so important, especially in small spaces? On the first place, too many candles may create a feeling of clutter. In addition, scented candles have different concentrations of fragrance depending on their size. If your bathroom is small, choose a smaller candle so that the aroma does not overwhelm the room and helps create a relaxing atmosphere.


romantic bathroom decoration ideas flowers and candles

When choosing the color of your bathroom candles, you need to remember that they should match the color scheme of the interior. In some cases, it is best to use the effect of contrasting tones.

Decorative white candles are a symbol of protection, spiritual purification and happiness. They fill the room with a fresh, cozy and clean atmosphere. Red candles give a charge of positive energy, while yellow candles make the atmosphere in the room more comfortable.


bathroom relax decorating with candles

The scent of a candle can affect your mood so you need to choose wisely. In addition to personal preferences, it is worth remembering that citrus, coniferous or menthol candles are suitable for morning vivacity while lavender, cinnamon and vanilla are suitable for relaxation.

Choosing a delicate, lighter scent is a good idea as it creates the perfect relaxing atmosphere. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties, it helps relieve stress. Another classic combination that is perfect for the bathroom is the lavender and vanilla blend.

romantic relaxing bathroom decor with candles

To create the atmosphere of a home, add classic unscented candles to the scented one. Candles with a simple shape are ideal, such as classic pillar candles in several sizes or ball candles placed next to each other. You can also use the magic of tea lights. Properly placed in various places in the bathroom – near the bathtub, on the windowsill or on a shelf, they will give the interior a unique atmosphere.

Bathroom Candle Decoration Ideas and Safety Considerations

Bathroom Candle Decoration Safety Considerations

Many people think that lighting candles in the bathroom is not a risk because the floors and walls in bathrooms are usually tiled. However, there are flammable objects here – towels and other textile, for example. It is essential to observe fire safety and ensure that the room is well ventilated.

When decorating the bathroom interior with candles, arrange them so that if a burning candle falls, it will fall on a non-combustible surface – tile, ceramics.

Make sure that a towel or other flammable items are not hanging above the candle flame.

how to create spa atmosphere in bathroom

It is important to place candles on stands made of non-flammable material that does not deform under the influence of heat.

Before lighting a candle, it is important to ventilate the room. Too strong aromas can cause headaches. For the same reason, you should not use several scented candles at the same time, especially with different scents, unless they are designed for group use.

Do not leave burning candles unattended. Extinguish them when you leave the bathroom. Make sure that the wick of the candle is actually extinguished, and does not continue to smolder.

where to place candles in your bathroom

In conclusion we can say that bathroom candle decoration ideas are the easiest way to spice up the place and give it a new vibe. Sometimes even one scented candle can be enough for complete relaxation!




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