How to Wash Underwear Properly – Simple Rules That You Need to Know

by Kremy

The fact that underwear is not visible in public does not mean that there is no need to take care of it. Proper washing and drying are the basic pillars for underwear maintenance. With proper care, you will extend the life of your laundry and maintain its quality as long as possible. Alternatively, you will not destroy it immediately after the first wash, which can happen quite easily with very fine laundry.

How to Wash Underwear Properly Simple Rules

The category of underwear includes almost a hundred different items. It is difficult to remember and understand all the differences. How to wash underwear properly? Today we will look at some basic rules that will certainly come in handy in caring for your underwear.

How to Wash Underwear Properly by Hand?

How to Wash Underwear Properly by Hand


If you want your underwear to retain its shape and color for as long as possible, treat it with care. If you follow the basic rules, it will serve you for more than one year.

The most gentle way of washing underwear is, of course, by hand. Manufacturers of underwear are trying to make it not only functional, but also beautiful. If your corset, bra or bodysuit is decorated with lace, embroidery or other decorative elements, you need to wash them only by hand. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Do not wash underwear in hot water, do not use aggressive detergents, do not use bleach, do not mix light and dark colors and do not apply excessive force.
  • When using any detergent, make it is well dissolved, otherwise it will be difficult to rinse it out and soap stains will remain on the laundry.
  • Fill the washbasin or large container with warm, but not hot, water so that the underwear can be immersed in it. Add a mild detergent and leave the laundry in the water for at least 15 minutes. Modern detergents dissolve dirt well, but you can rub underwear very gently. When this time has elapsed, drain the water from the container and refill it with clean warm water. Very gently wash your underwear in water to remove detergent. Repeat until the water becomes completely clear.

How to Wash Underwear in Washing Machine?

How to Wash Underwear in Washing Machine

Modern technologies make it possible to use a washing machine for washing underwear. Choosing the “delicate wash” mode is best when you want to wash underwear in washing machine. Of course, you should carefully read the instructions of the manufacturer before placing any laundry into the machine. However there are some basic recommendations:

  • Laundry with fasteners or hooks must be carefully fastened before being loaded into the washing machine. It is advisable to use special mesh laundry bags. If you haven’t got laundry bags, use a regular white cotton or linen bag with drawstrings.
  • Wash clothes of the same color, for example, white underwear only with other white (or beige) clothes.
  • Do not use hot water when washing underwear.
  • Do not use bleaches and stain removers for washing delicate underwear.

How to Dry Underwear After Washing?

How to Dry Underwear

After washing, the laundry will need to dry. Underwear made from animal fibers such as silk and wool should not be tumble dried. The same applies for synthetic materials, such as polyester. Cotton underwear is more resistant but it is better to dry naturally.

Bras with a dense cup are best dried on a horizontal surface so they don’t lose their shape. Water can accumulate in the padded cup, and in a hanging position will pull it down – the straps can stretch.

Before washing, carefully read the instructions on the tag. Following these recommendations is the key to a long service life of your underwear.



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