Awesome Picket Tiles – A New Look at Classic Home Decor Techniques

by Kremy

What are picket tiles? Nowadays there are numerous tile options – mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, there are cement tiles, encaustic tile, varieties of marble, and even 3d tiles. In terms of colors the options are also endless and those who are tired of standard square and rectangular shapes can choose from many different tiles with unusual shapes.

Picket Tiles A New Look at Classic Home Decor

We have discussed the advantages of hexagon (honeycomb) tiles and have shown you how you can use them in many creative ways. However, besides the ordinary, classic hexagons there is one more interesting and original shape – the elongated hexagon which attracts attention and is now actively used by designers in their projects.

What are Picket Tiles?

What are Picket Tiles Home Decor


As we mentioned picket tiles are hexagonal tiles elongated at the center. They are slimmer that standard honeycomb tiles and as you may have guessed, their name comes from the popular Picket fence. The longer and slimmer shape of the tiles gives them a more modern and unique look so if you are planning to update your kitchen or bathroom, have a look at the photos below for inspiration!

How Can You Install Picket Tiles?

How Can You Install Picket Tiles

Picket tiles look fantastic as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash as well as a floor covering in hallways, living areas, powder room, etc. If installed properly, you will have a uniquely looking wall or floor finish. There are different methods of installing picket tiles.

picket tile kitchen backsplash ideas

Straight horizontal installation resembles the classic subway tiles. This type of installation looks more or less traditional but the elongated hexagon shape gives a modern and elegant twist on the tiled surface.

kitchen design ideas wall tile open shelves


Straight vertical installation is a great option if you want to make a room visually higher. In addition, the vertical installation of picket tiles is a great choice if you want to create an accent wall as a focal point in the room.

wall tile ideas diagonal picket tile

Diagonal installation – this is a more unusual approach, yet it has an enormous visual appeal. If you are looking for a unique design with a special touch, diagonal installation will give you that.

gray picket tile backsplash white kitchen cabinets

Braided picket tile looks really exclusive. It adds an instant chic look and if you are looking for something special, go for this unusual pattern. It must be noted, that if you do not have experience in tile installation, it is best to find a professional who will be able to manage this type of installation as it is quite complex.

Play With Colors and Patterns

picket tile flooring ideas bedroom design and decor

Picket tiles come in a very large number of colors and patterns, which allows you to create unique compositions. Obviously you can choose from glossy or matter finish, marble picket tile, etc. The many colors and shades allow you to experiment with different combinations. You can try on ombre design, black and white for a contemporary look, contrasting colors, mix matte and glossy finish or shades of the same primary color. Designers embody different color variations and you will surely find the one that suits your personal taste.


contemporary kitchen ideas gray tile backsplash

Kitchen Decor Ideas Glass Picket tile backsplash Braided pattern

hexagonal picket tile black glossy finish bathroom wall decor

marble picket tile bathroom sink backsplash

Navy blue wall tile accent bathroom decor

pink hexagonal tile kitchen accent wall ideas

tile picket white grey kitchen backsplash


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