40 small laundry room design ideas – comfortable and functional space

by Kremy

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Having a spacious laundry room is a dream for so many housewives. However, in modern urban apartments, space is an issue and organizing a such space can be a real challenge. What do you think when you hear “a small laundry room”? Something dark, gloomy, unattractive? Well, we will show you 40 small laundry room design ideas which will show you how, even the smallest one, can be transformed into a comfortable and functional space. With some imagination and creativity the problem of rational use of space is easily solved and we will offer you a lot of options for interesting design solutions.

Carefully plan the layout of the room

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The service area or laundry room has a very important role in the home, and many people treat that area as if it does not need decoration. Being a part of the home, this place has to be functional, above all, but it has to be pleasing to the eye as well. Most of the fantastic small laundry room design ideas are based on efficiency as well as visual appeal. The resident in small apartments should invest in functional solutions that save space. One must think of a place to wash clothes, dry them, iron the washed clothes, store detergents and cleaning agents. So what do you need to have in a small laundry room? Obviously – a washer and dryer, storage cabinets, possibly an ironing board, a sink, counter space and last but not least – good lighting.

Small laundry room design ideas – how to organize the space?

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Planning the layout of a small space begins with measuring. You could draw your plan on a sheet of paper in order to visualize your ideas. A space saving idea is to stack the dryer above the washing machine. This is a very good idea for limited space and will leave room for a sink and cabinets. Machines with front openings are a great option because they can be built in and leave space for a countertop. An ironing board can be stored in a cabinet so that the room looks more clean, uncluttered and tidy. Go vertical and install storage shelves and cabinets above the washer and dryer. This is a valuable space and should not be wasted! The shelves and cabinets will accommodate all the detergents and moreover, kids will not have access to them, which is very important for families with small children. Check the selection of small laundry room design ideas in the gallery below and you will see some really creative solutions.

Decoration ideas for a tiny space

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These 40 small laundry room design ideas will prove that it is possible to have a tiny, functional and visually appealing space without much effort. Choose the colors so that they work with the overall interior of your home. How about choosing red washer and dryer, or blue, or green? This could be a spectacular color accent, right? Decorate your small space with photos in frames or landscapes. Paint the frames in different colors to add accents and a vibrant feeling. Add a vase with flowers for a fresh touch. A couple of bright accents, the colors, the details make all the difference.

wall mounted drying rack design stacked washer dryer wallpaper

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Stacked washer dryer tile flooring open shelf design

 storage ideas open shelves ironing board

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small laundry room ideas laundry room cabinets white cabinets open shelves

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built in washer dryer counter space

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torage shelves sink cabinet

sliding door stackable washer and dryer

small laundry room design ideas sliding door laundry organizers wall shelves

small laundry room design ideas storage cabinets shelves baskets

 wall mount accordion style drying rack

 open shelves sinks

 storage shelves baskets

cabinets shelves

hallway interior design

 green cabinets

 ideas closet space wall shelves storage

 closet ideas storage shelves

design built in wahser dryer storage ideas

 blue accent wall white cabinets floating shelves

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cabinets storage ideas white cabinets open shelves

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