8 Ways to Give Your Room an Artistic Look – Simple Design Techniques

by Kremy

Extreme Makeover was a show where they would take your home and remodel it into something extraordinary. It was fascinating to see the before and after picture of the room. Sadly, the show got canceled, but renovating a home is not the same anymore.

All homeowners now dream of an aesthetically gorgeous and welcoming home. Although hiring a pro is often not feasible for everyone, you can achieve the same results with a bit of effort.

8 Ways to Give Your Room an Artistic Look

A slight adjustment here and there will help you change the room’s aesthetics and make it more appealing and welcoming. And more importantly, you don’t even need a huge investment to change the look of your room. Luckily, in this blog, you’ll learn some genius yet simple ways in which you’ll be able to give your room an artistic look without the help of an expensive interior designer.

How to Give Your Room an Artistic Look – Simple Design Techniques

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Interior designers and decorators often use simple techniques that have a great visual effect. Here is a short list that can help you give your room an artistic look without breaking the bank:

Change Your Curtains

bedroom interior design window curtains

Your curtains play a powerful architectural element in your home decor. If you use the wrong contrast and style of curtains, it will affect the aesthetics of your room. A simple change can go a long way. Maybe a change in color, a custom curtain, or redesigning the old curtain can do the trick.

The fabric should be of high quality, and the colors should match the rest of the decor. If you are not willing to invest in new curtains, you can redesign your old ones. Take some fabric, open a DIY curtain video on YouTube, sit on the sewing machine and design the curtains that match your room’s aesthetics.

Remember, the goal is to make it better. So, ensure that whatever design you choose looks appealing to the eyes. Try to stick with the room’s theme.

Replace Bed Sheets

artistic bedding set adds color in bedroom

The bed is the focal point of any room; it instantly grabs the attention of anyone entering the room; hence, it adds value to the aesthetics of the space.

Changing the old boring bed sheets with something trendy or customized can make them more appealing. Just make sure that the bed sheets match the theme of your room; otherwise, it will look odd.

These days, you can find bed sheets in various beautiful patterns, colors, and styles. The core focus must be on the quality of the bed sheet. The higher the quality, the better it will feel on your bed.

Simply changing sheets can transform the appearance of your bedroom. It can add a welcoming feeling to your room.

Rearrange Your Furniture

small living room furniture layout ideas

Another efficient way to improve the aesthetics of your room is to rearrange the furniture in the room. For instance, move the bed to the other side, or change the arrangement of chairs.

Consider a variety of positions of your furniture and see how best to utilize the room’s square footage. Rearranging the room furniture will give you extra space to try out more things or simply de-clutter your room.

Use Canvas Prints

affordable home wall decorating ideas canvas prints

In a digital world, you have access to photos 24/7 on your smartphone. But at times, these pictures associate memories that we want to feel every day. We want to look at those photos and remind ourselves of good times.

A smart way is to preserve these memories with Canvas Prints. Converting images on Canvas is affordable and long lasting. You can even split your photo on Canvas Prints to help leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

Bring Nature Inside

home plants make the room look fresh

Nature gives a refreshing feeling and a vibrant touch to home decor. Create a relaxing, visually appealing atmosphere by placing potted plants around the room. Additionally, a soft shade of green wall color can be chosen as the finishing touch for your bedroom design.

Plants not only improve the environment of the room but also reduce the chances of getting sick. Moreover, a study reveals that plants reduce dust in the room by 20%.

Add a Mirror

How to Give Your Room an Artistic Look round mirror on wall

Creating the illusion that your room is more prominent by installing a mirror is an effective and simple trick. The mirror broadens your room’s space and adds more light since it will reflect light from the natural light entering the room.

Use a full-length mirror to add depth to your room, a stylish wall mirror or a tiny mirror to add some style. You can use one to brighten up the room or add a little drama to it.

Declutter – Remove the Unnecessary Stuff

light and airy living room design

It’s not always about adding something new in the room; at times, if you remove some things, it makes the room spacious and improves its look and feel.

Too much furniture jammed in a small space looks disorganized, making your room visually less appealing. Get rid of the items that you don’t need anymore. But ensure that you are not throwing away stuff that contributes to your home decor.

Cleaning the room is easy, and it transforms the room’s appearance, giving you more room to experiment with new ideas.

Invest In Lush Pillows

multicolor round pillows on sofa give your room an artistic look

There is so much you can do with new pillows. From colored pillows to patterned pillows, you can dress your bed or decorate your armchair. Add some fluffy blankets to the side of your bed and a couple of little pillows to your desk chair for an even cozier vibe.

Now you know, you don’t need to hire a professional home decorator to makeover your home. Changing little things in your room can improve its appearance. You can think smart and get praise from your friends with slight, meaningful adjustments. See how these suggestions can help you enhance the appearance of space without much effort on your part. Consider the options presented here and decide on what would work best for you.




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