Contemporary wall mirrors – unique wall decoration ideas

by Kremy

contemporary-wall-mirrors-artistic mirror wall decor

Contemporary wall mirrors – designer mirrors or art mirrors can have a huge impact and give an instant visual appeal to any room. It is a fact that a mirror can create miracles in interior design – they can illuminate a dark corner, add elegance and drama in the room and make it look bigger. You can even use them as a work of art. A wall mirror can reflect and express your style, taste and individuality. A wide variety of shapes and frames provides numerous options for interior decoration. A large wall mirror or several small will make the room more spacious and brighter. Using mirrors in the interior can create a unique atmosphere in your home.

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A mirror can be used on the wall, as a table mirror, sometimes on the floor or the ceiling. Large mirrors are usually used in large rooms. You can use mirrors to highlight certain parts of the room. Ceiling mirrors visually lift the ceiling, make the room appear taller and reflect light. Wall mirrors are the most common type and they are used for both decoration and for increasing the space of a room visually.

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A mirror can have different shapes – round, oval, square, rectangle or some artistic shape which is typical for designers’ mirrors. Usually round mirrors are used for their decorative value while oval ones for their practical value and very often people opt for the oval shape for the beautiful curve and functionality – the shape is space saving and can reflect a full height. Square mirrors make a spectacular decoration and depending on the size they can be either purely decorative or functional. Long rectangular mirrors have a maximum reflection area and can be used for decoration and reflection.


Contemporary wall mirrors – a versatile decorative element in the interior


contemporary-wall-mirrors-home decorating ideas

With so many different shapes, sizes and designs, contemporary wall mirrors are a versatile decorative element and can add the wow factor to any decor. For centuries mirrors have been intriguing and have been used as exclusively stylish accessories to reflect the light in the room and create interesting optical illusions. A design mirror can be a real art object. Large or small, square or oval, with or without frames, contemporary wall mirrors would bring interest and an artistic flair to any room. When it comes to decorating a home mirrors can be used in any area. Of course, there are some rules for placing mirrors in the different rooms and it is good to know them. However rules are guidelines and if you feel like thinking outside the box, remember – this is your home and it should reflect your lifestyle and personality.

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The hallway or corridor is the most natural place for a mirror and often the design of this area is a challenge for many homeowners. Mirrors are selected on the basis of practical requirements. Large mirrors occupying most of the walls are the most popular option due to the fact that often corridors and hallways do not have enough natural light.

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Wall mirrors in the living room are a wonderful wall decoration. Small round and square mirrors on the walls, or a massive large mirror, fully occupying the space of one of the walls –  the choice depends on the size of the room, the design concept, the available light, etc.

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In modern homes you can see full size mirrors incorporated in the bedroom interior or small sized artistic mirrors used as wall decoration – more of an accessory than a functional mirror.

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Large wall mirrors are a typical element of bathroom design. Depending on the style of the bathroom you can use a large square or rectangular mirror, oval mirror or a mirror with beautiful frames or no frames at all.

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Modern wall mirror can be seen in kitchens, although this is rarely. Usually mirrors are used to accent and focus on a certain element of the design and have a decorative function.


Contemporary wall mirrors – a focal point of the interior design


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Contemporary wall mirrors in modern interior styles divide mirrors into two main types: framed and frameless. Frameless mirrors are used in high-tech, contemporary and minimalist interiors. Unusual shapes and artistic shapes complement contemporary and modern designs wile strict lines are typical for the minimalist concept. Many designers and manufacturers offer spectacular mirror designs and modern technology allows various options – colored, colorless, patterned, decorative, engraved, with or without built-in lighting and everyone can find the perfect mirror to suit his taste . The choice is unlimited – from handcrafted aluminum, metal, leather, all glass and wood framed wall mirrors to exclusive works of art of famous designers. When you want to make your modern wall mirror a focal point of the interior, a visual accent in the room, you can use any shape which adds interest to the home dеcor.

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How high to hang the wall mirror? There is a general rule that the minimum width of the mirror should be at least 0.5 meters. Large mirrors can be 1,7 – 1,9 meters of size. When you want your modern mirror to be an object of decoration and a focal point, it should be hung at least 1,5 meter above the floor. Small mirrors, or a group of small mirrors, should be placed at such a height so that the center was at eye level. A recommended distance for viewing decorative mirrors is about 1,5 meter. It is advisable to avoid directing artificial lights directly at the mirror.

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Contemporary wall mirror can be simple and decorative, cheap and exclusive, small and large. Those can reflect light, to enlarge a room, to decorate a room or attract the attention as a fabulous art object, they can be practical and functional, but one thing is sure – modern mirrors will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy the gallery below to find the perfect mirror for your home!


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