Picture frame moulding – exclusive wall decorating ideas

by Kremy

contemporary home decor picture frame molding ideas

Picture frame moulding can be used in interior design to create fabulous interiors. We shall give you a different perspective and will show you a selection of unique wall decorating ideas which feature special decorating techniques and new decor options.

Picture frame moulding – add style to your interior design

picture frame moulding wall decorating ideas house entry


How to use picture frame moulding? To create a unique interior sometimes simple solutions work best. Experienced designers and decorators use many techniques to add individuality and customize the living space so that it reflects the lifestyle of the homeowner. One of these techniques is using mouldings as they can work with many design styles – classic, shabby chic, modern or traditional. Usually people accept that moldings can be placed to decorate the ceiling and only used as crown molding. However, a picture frame moulding can break up a monotonous appearance of a wall and add a special character as there are many types of profiled slats or panels and frames, boards and moldings.

house entry wainscoting picture frame moulding wall decor

The shape and width of the slats can vary from the simplest straight lined profiles to elaborate ones. Usually, moldings are made of plastic, polyurethane or polystyrene and their popularity is a result of the affordable price, ease of installation and excellent performance. They are resistant to handling, durable and lightweight and a perfect way to emphasize accent elements in the interior design and add a feeling of individuality in the room.

living room interior wall decorating ideas molding ideas

Except being exceptionally pleasing to the eye and with a great visual aesthetics, moldings are a creative way to hide some imperfections. A popular technique is to use several frame moldings and paint them in a contrasting color or decorate with textured wallpaper when the idea is to create a focal point and take away the attention from a certain flaw.

Picture frame moulding – fascinating interior design ideas

wall molding ideas modern living room furniture


When using picture frame moulding as wall decoration, you should be careful to create a balance in the interior. Designers use moldings for decoration of walls, ceiling, door and window openings. The molding can add style to any interior, for example, strict flat panels fit perfectly in a modern interior and ornate panel moldings complement the classic style. There are certain rules and recommendations which will help you understand how to use moldings as wall decoration.

picture frame moulding wall decorating ideas living room design

It is advisable to avoid using massive moldings in small rooms. In a limited space, a narrow, elegant molding will add the feeling of sophistication and elegance and will not look out of place. Massive picture frame mouldings with rich ornaments will be suitable for classic styled interiors and large rooms with high ceiling. When you want to create a harmonious and elegant look in the room, it is recommended to choose color combinations carefully so as not to overload the interior with excessive abundance of colors.

picture frame moulding wall decorating bedroom design

You can use wall moldings in any room of the home – living room, entryway, bedroom or dining room. When matched with the overall design style, the visual effect can be absolutely striking!

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picture frame moulding ideas wall decorating ideas

picture frame moulding ideas living room wall decorating

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