Uplighting ideas – indoor and outdoor decorative lighting ideas

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Uplighting ideas for celebrations are getting more and more popular in the field of festive decor and decorations for special occasions. Wedding uplighting is especially popular and provides an opportunity to set the atmosphere and the overall design of the reception hall for such an important occasion as the wedding party.

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Uplighting is also used as outdoor accent lighting and is the perfect landscape lighting solution when you want to set accents. Lights are aimed upwards and create a dramatic effect on interesting trees, a garden statue or any other garden feature. In addition, uplighting can set beautiful accent on building facades and almost every remarkable building around the world is illuminated with the help of uplights.

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Using LED uplights will allow you to be one step ahead and at the top of the trendy ideas. What, exactly, is uplighting? How to use it to create a special and unforgettable atmosphere? Is it safe? We shall look at the opportunities that decorative lighting provides and will give you some useful ideas how to use spectacular uplights.

Uplighting ideas and how do uplights work?

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Uplighting is used as a light decor in rooms and light decoration of banquet halls, wedding venues, reception halls or venues for various celebrations. Uplighting design requires a great deal of expertise as well as professional lighting fixtures and professional equipment. The decorative lighting can transform any space and set the festive mood with spectacular artistic designs and colors. Usually uplighting ideas work best when used to highlight architectural elements: arches, columns, and hide possible shortcomings from the view.

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Uplighting is instantly recognized as the light beam is directed upwards from the bottom, and illuminates the architectural elements of the building. The lighting fixtures are located on the floor of the hall close to the illuminated surface – wall, drapery or other elements which the designer want to enhance. Elegant lighting can transform the look of any room into something amazing and the atmosphere becomes more intense and vivid. Uplighting can be used for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, corporate parties, reunions, and of course – wedding receptions. The possibilities to use decorative lighting are practically endless.

How uplighting works?

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Uplighting ideas are based on using LED spotlight fixtures which are installed on the floor, in corners or on a tripod, depending on the characteristics of the hall or venue and the personal preferences of the customer. LED spotlights are directed up the wall so that the maximum visual effect is achieved. The light is very bright and it can be visible even during daytime and change the hall look brighter and more festive.garden design outdoor lighting ideas accent lighting

Landscape uplighting is often used as a part of the overall garden lighting design. It helps creating different focal points in the garden, and focuses the attention on plants or garden features – a pergola, a fountain, even the swimming pool. Outdoor upligthing ideas create a special ambience and dramatic shadows which add depth to flat surfaces like fences, privacy walls or house walls.


How to use different type of uplighting to create stunning visual effects?

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When you want to use uplighting as outdoor decorative or accent lighting you can choose from different types. Spotlights, also known as bullet, have a narrow spot beam and can be installed on the ground or on a pole.

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Uplighting with a diffuse wash are a good choice for lower plants and wall surfaces as they create an artistic visual effect. Well uplights are suitable for illuminating lower parts of walls, garden benches, etc. The different type of lighting can be used in combination and the effect is mesmerizing.

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When installing landscape uplighting you should be careful and avoid direct lighting in windows as this could be quite irritating and in addition, may blind your guests. Experts recommend low wattage bulbs for more subtle lighting positioned at the base of the plants or objects that you want to illuminate and highlight.

Wedding uplighing ideas – for the magical atmosphere of the most special day

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If you hear that uplighting is the art of painting with light, this most certainly refers to the magical and artistic background for the magical ambience of the wedding venue. Lighting is a powerful design tool and blends harmoniously with the overall surroundings of the room, at the same time will be able to emphasize the details of the main decor and create mood and atmosphere of your celebration. If you wanted a Winter Wonderland look, the lighting will greatly add to the exclusive atmosphere, make the crystals glitter brighter and unite all the elements of the wedding decoration – accessories, textiles, compositions of natural and artificial flowers, covers for chairs, tablecloths, decorative stones, etc.

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How about a splendid and glamorous decoration with soft touches of gold or silver? Accents in red or a touch of blue? The color palette is so rich and you can choose from numerous options depending on your wedding theme and the visual effects that you want to create. One of the most popular ideas foe wedding uplighting and for festive uplighting, in general, is to combine static and fading colors at varying speeds. For example, static color is recommended during dinner time while fading and changing colors are often used for the dancing.

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LED uplighting has a low power consumption and no heat, and this is very important! LED lights are the safest and most environmentally friendly lighting options because there are no bulbs to burn out or replace. In addition, the indoor temperature does not rise and there is no danger of accidental fire when the light is in contact with textile.

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