15 amazing wall clocks with impressive modern designs

by Kremy

amazing wall clocks sabrina fossi black red clock design

We have collected 15 amazing wall clocks with impressive modern designs. A true minimalist wall clock by Sabrina Fossi, designed in black with a red arrow.

Amazing wall clocks with unusual shapes

sander mulder amazing wall clocks designs minimalist design


A fascinating clock with an unusual shape designed in the purest of minimalism. The clock hands are very long and appear to be broken – a true example of spectacular and amazing wall clocks designs.

Amazing wall clocks from unusual materials

amazing wall clocks design ideas old vinyl records city silhouettes

Pavel Sidorenko presents amazing wall clocks design from old vinyl records created to show the most prominent city silhouettes.

wooden wall clock design lighting

Mike Clare presents an original design where the numbers of the clock are hidden and the only way to be revealed is when two lenses overlap in the mechanism. An additional effect is the background illumination.

Vice versa amazing wall clock design ideas Yiran Qian China

An amusing wall clock design by Yiran Qian from China -Vice versa – a closk which has only pointers and no dial.

siren elise wilhelmsen 365 knitting wall clock

 365 from Sirene Elise Wilhelmsen is a wall clock which can knit 24 hours a day and you will have a 2 meter long scarf in one year.

Obligatory round clock minimalist design

The Obligatory wall clock by Saikat Biswas – a round wall clock with minimalist design.

magnet wall clock design design plus

The Magnet clock by Design Plus offers you the opportunity to plan your day with funny fridge magnets for the various activities

Kaga wall clocks by Naoto Fukasawa

The Kaga clocks by Naoto Fukasawa are covered with gold leaf  according to an ancient tradition in Japan which gives them the incredible appearance.

energy house wall clock modern design ideas

Energy conscious clock by Loove Broms, Karin Ehrnberger, Sara Ilstedt Hjelm, Erika Lundell and Jin Moen designed in the shape of a house.


amazing wall clocks MOUNTAIN retro modern concept smartphones reading

Clock for robot by BERG. The concept features a clock with a retro look, but with a modern QR code which smartphones, cameras and other digital devices can read.

amazing wall clocks designs studio ve manifold

Manifold clock by Studio Ve combines modern and creative design with traditional mechanics. The clock hands are connected with colored paper and create beautiful effects during the day.

amazing wall clocks designs lithe studio ve minimalist

A ceramic socket with unusually long and thin clock hands by Studio Ve

amazing wall clocks designs jay jiwoong baek eclipse black white

Original and creative wall clock design, inspired by the lunar eclipse. Designer – Jay Jiwoong Baek for  Cauca

amazing wall clocks designs digital clock white

White + White by Vadim Kibardin features a modern 3D design of a traditional digital clock.


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