15 Amazing Japanese garden designs for a perfect harmony

by Kremy

stunning japanese garden design pond bridge trees stones

One of the most interesting styles of landscape design is the Japanese garden. We have collected 15 amazing Japanese garden designs which reflect the traditions of design and the significance of the special inner content.

The philosophy of harmony and balance

red leaves tree river bridge


Everything in these amazing Japanese garden designs is done to ensure that people can feel the calmness, peace, tranquility and could enjoy the beauty of nature. The Asian landscape resembles a miniature painting and people are invited not only to enjoy the beauty of the elements but to discover and appreciate the meaning and purpose of each element and its relevance in a given area. After all, the Japanese garden – it’s more a philosophy than a style.

Amazing Japanese garden designs and traditional elements

zen garden design pavillion pond bridge

Amazing Japanese garden designs are based on centuries of old traditions and above all honoring the traditions. The designs is based on certain characters and have traditional elements – stones, bridges, pavilions, water, paths, trees, plants – and each element is equally important as they convey the worship of Nature.

Japanese stone garden design ideas

It is believed that stones are the best creations of nature and stones are one of the key elements in Japanese garden designs, along with water. A lot of attention is paid to searching and selecting the right stones, as well as finding their perfect space in the outdoor area.

garden fountain stone basin amazing elements

Water is always present in Japanese gardens in one form or another. If there is no way to make a big pond, a waterfall or a stream, it is in such a form so that not take up much space.

design cherry tree pebble stones moss

The plants in a Japanese garden mostly have green leaves and the important is the leaf shape and texture. Japanese style gardens do not look too colorful and lush, it is sufficient that the trees leaves will be colored by Nature in the different seasons.

The elements are in harmony with each other

zen garden design ideas japanese style garde design

 Beautiful colors please the eyes

colors of gardens stone stairs red tree leaves

Running waterfall and rocks

Amazing japanese garden ideas waterfall rocks

Minimalism and worship of Nature

Amazing design tree colors

Charming throughout the year

Amazing japanese garden designs winter colors

Koi pond as a typical element

designs koi pond trees

A picturesque unity of elements

japanese garden elements water stones

Design based on centuries of traditions

designs ideas bridge river trees

Attention to the elements and details

designs elements water bridge

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