20 Dining tables ideas and modern dining room designs

by Kremy

innovative dining tables designs minimalist dining room furniture

Modern dining tables designs are intended change your dining room interior and add a modern touch. Check out these unique and original ideas for innovative and modern dining tables and get inspired for interesting design solutions in your home.

Modern dining tables ideas

innovative dining tables design glass table dining room furniture


Modern dining tables are available in different styles, colors and made of different materials or with various combinations of materials. The tables are designed in a variety of forms – round, oval, rectangular, square or angular. Modern designs can be characterized with an innovative approach towards traditional materials like wood and features original ideas using metal, glass and other materials. Many modern dining tables have additional features that allow you to transform, or remove detachable parts.

Modern dining tables become a centerpiece in the dining room

contemporary open plan kitchen dining room black dining table

The main element of the kitchen or dining room is considered to be the dining table. Following the trend of open plan kitchens, dining tables have become an important part of any home. They are not just a place to eat, but become a part of the design of the living space and have to provide more comfort for people. A modern dining table often sets the style of the interior and emphasizes its advantages.

How to choose a modern dining table?

modern stylish furniture ideas dining tables design wood minimalist style

Classic dining tables are not suitable for modern interiors. Dining tables in Art Nouveau style or high-tech style are more appropriate. Interiors decorated in minimalist style are dominated by clean lines, bright colors, glass and metal surfaces and a table made of glass or with a glossy surface will blend in the design perfectly.

Minimalist design with modern furniture

Square dining table minimalist design extendable glass tabletop

Natural wood in a contemporary open plan home

open plan kitchen dining room solid wood furniture modern dining table

 Combining natural wood and glass in modern design

 tables ideas glass oak rectangular shape

The table is the centerpiece

 dining tables exclusive dining room furniture walnut stained glass

Round white table

 tables designs white round table white chairs

The simplicity and straight lines of the table are complemented by the curved lines of the chairs

 tables contemporary dining furniture ideas

modern dining tables design square table white dining furniture

modern tables design dining furniture sets ideas solid wood table

modern dining room oval table wood white chairs

minimalist dining design modern white dining table orange chairs

innovative tables designs modern glass table contemporary dining

elegant modern dining design black table white chairs gray area rug

 tables design ideas walnut wood metal frame swivel chairs

contemporary dining room furniture modern wooden dining table chairs

contemporary dining room furniture extendable table glass legs dining chairs

black dining table white chairs contemporary dining furniture ideas



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