Multi Level Side Table Ideas – Functional and Space Saving Furniture

by Kremy

The latest trends in furniture design range from traditional to bold and extravagant, allowing the consumer to choose a stylish and at the same time, functional pieces for their interior. We have selected some multi level side table ideas which combine style and functionality and will be a complement in a spacious living room, in a small bedroom or any other room in your home.

luxurious interiors art deco style tiered side table

In modern open-plan homes, the living room space certainly sets the tone for the entire interior. Usually, the sofa is the largest furniture piece and the eye catcher in the décor. Very often is the focal point and has an important role in shaping the style and general atmosphere. Choosing a coffee tables or a side table that complements the sofa and the overall design concept is important not only for the appearance, but for the comfort of the homeowners and their visitors.

Multi level side table ideas with functional and stylish design

living room furniture ideas beautiful three level side table


Side tables in general make any space more comfortable and therefore are gladly used by modern designers as an original interior accent. Everyone would love a small table that could also be used to store all these so necessary, little things or simply leave your cup of tea or remote control at a hand distance.

Multilevel side tables offer you just that – convenience and additional storage space. If you do not have enough space to store books, remotes, accessories, decor items, etc. a multifunctional coffee or side table is a great choice. The market offers a huge variety of tiered side tables, nesting tables or stacking models to choose from.

One of the great advantages of multi level side tables is their compact design. Yes, they come in different shapes and sizes yet they are space saving furniture pieces as they are designed to take up little floor space.

modern end table ideas multi level wood tops

When choosing a side table, you need to make sure that it will blend in the existing interior. It should not look bulky or too small. As far as shape is concerned it may vary from traditional rectangular to round, square, oval, hexagonal or other polygonal shape. Unique models with an abstract polygonal or other unusual shape can really play a significant role in the overall dynamics of the interior, especially in rooms with prevailing straight lines.

polygonal nesting side table metal frame and glass tops

Of course, you need to know where your side table will be placed. The available space may be decisive for the size and shape of a particular model that you like very much but you cannot fit between the sofa and the wall.

Think of how you are going to use it. Some people need a side table as a flower pot stand, others as book and magazine storage or as a place to display family photos or beautiful accessories.

The coffee table should harmoniously fit into the interior, so you need to consider the color and material as well.

How to choose the material of your multi level end table?

original end table design ideas


There is no doubt that material matters not only in terms of durability but in terms of style. Furniture manufacturers use a wide variety of materials. The latest technologies allow combining different materials and create both practical products and fancy designer models. What are the most popular materials?

Steel is a durable material and blends perfectly with interiors in hi-tech, grunge, industrial, Scandinavian, contemporary or minimalist styles.

Glass is a classic choice for both traditional and contemporary designs. If you don’t want the table to be the center of attention, choose a model with a glass top and finishes that blend in with the rest of the room. Glass creates a feeling of spaciousness but requires regular maintenance.

small two level end table

Marble table tops look very expensive and impressive. This natural stone is durable but requires proper care and careful operation.

Stylish acrylic side table is a great option for tight spaces. The compactness and transparency of an acrylic table makes it possible to save space without visually cluttering the room.

Brass always looks luxurious in vintage styled interiors.

Of course, many side table designs combine materials with different texture. Some of the most popular combinations include:

  • wood and glass;
  • wood and brass;
  • wood and metal;
  • glass and metal;
  • brass and glass.

Sculptural end table original furniture ideas

In conclusion, we need to say that even the most unique and fashionable side table can ruin the overall appearance of the room, if its design is incorrectly selected. When focusing on trendy multi level side table ideas do not forget that in interior design everything should be harmonious and pleasing to the eye.


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Multi level side table ideas functional and space saving furniture

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