Milk Bath Nails: The Latest Summer Nail Trend That You Must Try!

by Kremy

Nail trends have a lot to offer and every year we see super original ideas. When it comes to nail art, we must admit that we have seen just about everything! There is a huge choice of delicate and elegant ideas like the ombre nails giving a super refined gradient look or original and creative decorations such as sakura nails, daisy nail art, polka dot manicure, etc.

Milk Bath Nails Summer Nail Trend That You Must Try

To not get lost, it is best to choose a manicure design that suits your mood of the moment. When the good weather arrives, we want to wear a trendy and sunny manicure at the same time. We naturally begin to dream of shimmering tones and patterns that have a summer vibe. So, have a look at the Milk Bath Nails trend!

Romantic, dreamy and feminine nail art

beautiful feminine manicure ideas milk bath nails


The Milk Bath Nails trend is the new must-have manicure for the summer. If you are attracted to floral patterns, this nail decoration is undoubtedly made for you! What makes the trend so special and unique are the small dried flowers that are placed on the nails and then covered and sealed with a milky white nail polish. The result? An unusual, eye-catching and very elegant look at the same time!

Milk Bath Nails appeared in the USA and the numerous variations took all social media by storm. Whether you want to keep things plain and simple or completely immerse yourself in the dreamy trend – the end result is always an adorable, chic, and fabulously looking. One of the main reasons for the huge popularity of Milk Bath Nails is that they look wonderful on both long almond shaped nails and short nails.

Can you do milk bath nails at home?

summer nail art ideas milk bath manicure

The truth is that this manicure technique is not very easy and it may require a long time (depending on nail length) but it is definitely worth sacrificing about 1-2 hours of your time to do it. You should keep in mind that embedding mini dried flowers in the polish requires practice and steady hands. If you feel that you do not have the experience or the patience for DIY Milk Bath Nails, it is better to go to a salon and let the professionals do their job. This type of manicure can be pricy but it is totally worth the money and you will enjoy a beautiful nail design with a unique effect.

Of course, if you are used to do your nails at home and want improve your skills, give a try at DIY Milk Bath Nails. The basic principle of this manicure technique is not that complicated, but skill and patience are definitely needed!

beautiful summer nail art ideas

The key is to have small dried flowers that you stick on each of your false (or own) nails, previously tinted with a clear varnish before covering everything with a milky shade and then a top coat. To place the delicate dried flowers on the nails, you will need a tiny pair of tweezers. All the little details about the right technique, as well as step-by-step instructions for creating the fashionable manicure, can be found in the video:


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