Bathroom Rugs and Mats That Add Visual Appeal and Comfort

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The design of a bathroom is based not only on materials and finishes, but on details. No matter how practical the flooring is, it cannot create a feeling of coziness and comfort without a decorative element as a rug. And let’s be honest, few things are cooler than bathroom tiles, especially when you step out of a hot shower. Bathroom rugs and mats will help keeping your feet warm and comfortable at all time. However, if you want your rug or mat blend harmoniously into the design and meet your expectations, it should be selected taking into account a number of key factors.

Bathroom rugs and mats add visual appeal

As an element of the bathroom decor, an area rug will give it a modern and cozy look. The choice on the market is enormous. You can choose a rug based on its aesthetic value – from plush texture to sophisticated design, but you also need to consider slippery floors. If you feel confused about what is the best rug for your bathroom, read out guide and see our tips and inspiring photos.

difference between bath rugs and bath mats


What is the difference between bath rugs and bath mats? The simplest explanation is that a bath mat is used to absorb water after a shower or a bath and is placed outside the cabin or next to the tub itself. It can also be used in front of the sink or commode to protect your feet from cold tiles.

A bath rug can be used as a decorative element that complements the overall color scheme of the bathroom, adds texture or pattern to the interior. Of course, from a purely practical point of view, a bath rug will also absorb water and prevents slipping on wet tiles.

How to choose a proper rug for your bathroom?

How to choose a rug for your bathroom

As we mentioned, there are several important criteria that you need to keep into account when choosing bathroom rugs and mats. On the first place, you need to determine the purpose of the rug. Do you need one for purely decorative purposes, for practical purposes or both?

A mat provides maximum safety. Stepping on the rug after taking water procedures, you will protect yourself from accidental slipping when in contact with a wet surface. It is essential that you choose a non-slip and comfortable model. In addition to its main function, the carpet protects tiles from damage when heavy objects fall. Further to that, mats and rugs act as insulators, especially when placed near electrical appliances, since water is an excellent conductor of current.

Bathroom rugs and mats decor ideas colors styles

Here are some other criteria you should take into account:

  • Weight: A thick carpet will absorb water much faster than a thin carpet. It is also softer, but drying will take time.
  • Material: opt for a moisture resistant rug that dries quickly. Usually you have a choice between synthetic and natural materials.
  • Quality: don’t take the first rug you see in the store. When shopping, you have to compare and choose a good quality that will ensure lasting comfort. It is better to buy a more expensive product than to change the mat every two months.
  • Maintenance: cleaning the bathroom carpet is an important criterion. You would not want to find mold so you need a carpet that is easy to maintain.

bathroom design and decorating ideas black white red accents

  • Moisture resistance and ability to dry quickly if wet.
  • Resistance to deformation when wet.
  • Ease of maintenance and the ability to clean the surface using detergents. Dark colored rugs can save you cleaning time.
  • Last but not least, bathroom rugs a decorative element. A successful choice of a rug can improve the style of the room. By choosing the optimal combination of shape, texture and color you can create a special mood and create a cozy and stylish interior. For example, rectangular rugs are perfect for decorating rooms in both classic and modern styles. Round rugs will help smooth out sharp corners of furniture, adding softness to the atmosphere.

How to choose the material of bathroom rugs and mats?

bathroom decoration ideas use area rug to add comfort and style

Bathroom rugs and mats are made from different materials. This determines their properties and cost. The main requirement for the choice of material is that it should be pleasant to bare feet.

Pros and cons of natural materials

How to choose the material of bathroom rugs and mats

Cotton is the most popular natural material. It is environmentally friendly, pleasant to the feet and retains heat well. The variety of colors of cotton bathroom rugs is huge. They are easy to clean and most are machine washable.

Bamboo rugs are resistant to water and are ideal for people with allergies. They are capable of absorbing an amount of liquid that is one and a half times the volume that ordinary wood absorbs. Due to the resistance of bamboo to water, mats made of this natural material surpass all other varieties in terms of durability. However, they are not as soft and cozy as cotton rugs.

A major drawback of natural materials is that they need longer time to dry than synthetic counterparts and are less elastic. Over time, they can deform and lose their color.

Pros and cons of synthetic materials

non slip geometric bath rug beside the tub

Modern manufacturers offer products made of synthetic materials and the choice of shapes and textures is quite big. Among the main advantages of synthetic mats and rugs is that they keep their shape, they are resistant to stains from cosmetics, and the fact that they come in almost any color shade.

Microfiber rugs feature soft, comfortable textures that can be plush, shaggy, or satin. Microfiber rugs are very popular because they quickly absorb moisture, but at the same time, thanks to a special impregnation, they have an antibacterial effect. Microfiber, however, has low heat resistance and is vulnerable to temperature extremes. It loses its properties at high temperatures.

Rubber and PVC rugs are practical and durable. As an added protection, the surface of acrylic mats can be coated with an antibacterial layer. This treatment helps prevent the growth of bacteria, which are often present in humid environments. However, they absorb water poorly. These carpets are generally more difficult to clean because they are not machine washable.

Choose bathroom rugs and mats designs to complement your interior

bathroom design ideas floor covering area rug

When choosing bathroom rugs and mats, the appearance of the products plays a key role as well, as they become an element of the interior. Of course, your personal preferences are most important. To some, durability and practicality are most important while others are more interested in visual aesthetics.

To find a rug that matches the rest your bathroom decor, you have three options. The first one is to choose a rug that matches the color scheme of the decorative accessories. This is the best way to make sure the colors and patterns are a perfect match.

bathroom area rug ideas accent in your interior design

The other option is to choose a complementary or contrasting color or pattern that blends well with your existing decor.

If you prefer shopping online and you are unsure of the exact shade, choose a neutral color. It is universal and goes perfectly with every interior.

As for the pattern, simple geometric patterns and natural motives are a good choice. When planning to decorate the space in front of the bathtub or shower stall in a kids; bathroom, rugs and mats in bright colors and unusual shapes will make the space more vivid.

How to maintain your bathroom rug?

area rug in modern bathroom design

Proper care of bathroom rugs and mats is important and it is a guarantee that you will enjoy them for a long time. Make sure that you have read the treatment instructions on the textiles.

Allow the bathroom rug to dry. If necessary, remove it from the room and hung it in the air. In this way you will prevent the appearance of bad odors and mold.

Wash your mats regularly. Make sure you checked whether your rugs are machine washable or not. Usually, there are instructions on the ticket.

Some rugs can be dried in a dryer. Again, you must check and follow manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that your rug will come out nice and fluffy.



A bath rug can be a decorative element that complements the overall color scheme

bathroom decorating ideas round carpet

beautiful area rug in contemporary bathroom

how to add color accents in white bathroom

large master bathroom with carpet on the floor

pros and cons of bathroom rugs and mats

red carpet accent color in modern bathroom design


white area rug beside freestanding tub

white bathroom pink area rug as accent color in the design


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