Contrasting Colors in Interior Design – Dark Floor and Light Walls

by Kremy

How to use contrasting colors in interior design? It is well known that color combination is one of the primary factors that affects the way people feel. This is especially important for those premises where most of the time is spent. The combination of shades of flooring with walls can be fundamental for the atmosphere and the overall mood that a particular room creates.

Contrasting colors in interior design dark floor and light walls

The decisions on a particular color scheme is usually taken at the initial stages of repair and construction work and when we talk about the contrast of dark and light you need to consider some specific characteristics of such combinations because they create an optical change in space.

What do you need to know about dark flooring?

bedroom ideas dark floor white walls contrasting interior colors ideas


Dark flooring is equally popular in living rooms and in other areas. When you want to use contrasting colors in interior design, a dark floor should be the first step. This is the most suitable background for further decoration of the room. It is true that a dark floor can make a space visually smaller and narrower, but this can be avoided easily by using light shades in the interior and other decorative elements. Instead of plain flooring, you can use a combination of different materials in dark shades. Parquet, tile or mosaic will create a unique pattern while retaining the dark color of the floor. Dark floors have one drawback – dust is clearly visible and frequent wet cleaning is a must.

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Black flooring looks elegant and sophisticated. In small spaces, black floors can create a dark atmosphere and make the room appear smaller. If that is your choice of color, you should use the maximum amount of light shades for the rest of the room interior which will help you avoid the negative effect of black.

Dark gray flooring modern bathroom design

Dark grey flooring is as popular as black. To create a sophisticated interior, gray flooring can be combined with many colors and shades, making this solution universal for any room.

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Brown flooring can also be called universal, and depending on the lighting, each shade of brown looks different every time. It works with almost any interior style and adds warmth and coziness to the room. Brown shades work harmoniously with many other tones from different color schemes. It is a versatile choice, suitable for any style – minimalist, rustic, classic, industrial or contemporary.

Light walls in home interior design

Dark floor and light walls a combination of contrasting colors

Light walls are a versatile solution for any room. Beige, white, pastel, walls with ornaments and patterns are combined with all dark colors of the floor due to the balance between dark and light. There are many undeniable advantages of using light shades.

The main and most obvious advantage is, of course, is the ability of light shades to create the illusion of spaciousness by expanding the space visually. Small rooms can be corrected as needed with light walls and white ceilings. In addition, the room looks clean and airy.

Light walls can be finished with paint, wallpaper, plaster, tiles and other materials. This allows you to choose a finishing material based on your taste and financial capabilities. In addition, the walls can have any texture while remaining light.

The opportunity to use light colored walls any style in a design project is another advantage.

The disadvantage of light walls is that they are easily stained and any dirt is clearly noticeable. This problem can be solved by selecting materials that are not afraid of cleaning. Many wallpapers and paints can even withstand cleaning with chemical detergents.

Tips, design techniques and ideas how to use contrasting colors in interior design

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This combination of dark floor and light walls is considered a classic and is used in almost any room. As you know, balance is essential and designers use different combinations depending on the style of the interior. White walls are perfect for minimalist designs, while pastel yellows or blues will help create a classic interior. Combining dark wood flooring with coffee-colored walls or with gray walls also looks interesting but it should be noted that decorators recommend choosing warmer shades from the brown and gray palette.

Despite the classic combination of dark and light, the decor of a room may feature some extravagant elements like ethnic accessories or animal prints which break the monotonous appearance. Moderate use of bold and bright colors, copper, and gold accents are also a good option. It is true that designers’ imagination knows no limits and you will see inspiring interiors in the photo gallery.

What do you need to know about dark floors

Choosing furniture for interiors in contrasting colors also provides numerous opportunities to create a balanced and harmonious interior. The classic combination is to complement dark floors with furniture of the same color, but a few shades lighter. Gray or dark blue furniture will suit a brown floor while wenge, dark brown and graphite can be used on black flooring.

White furniture is another option and is widely used in kitchen designs and Scandinavian style interiors. The color of the floor can be emphasized, for example, by the legs of furniture of the same shade. This technique is suitable for really spacious rooms that will not suffer if they are visually narrowed. Wood furniture pieces also complement contrasting dark-light color combinations. Beige, pastel pink, light wood color furniture is suitable for gray, brown or graphite flooring.

How to choose textile and accessories for interiors with dark floors and light walls?

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Using textile is the easiest way to give a room a new look. Light-colored carpets or floor coverings will help making a dark material lighter. Long light curtains will do the same. In combination with a dark floor, any oriental fabrics look exceptionally good. Knitted rugs with a geometric pattern will not only add an ethnic flavor, but also make the interior more dynamic.

The dense color of the floor, regardless of the general range of the interior, should be emphasized with details of similar shades. These can be picture frames, lamps with a dark base, and even wicker baskets, as long as accessories match the overall style.

A combination of several textures will help to solve the problem of the uniform looking space. Cast iron and forged elements, rattan and bamboo, as well as paintings will help make the interior more vivid and dynamic.

Dark floor and light walls – a combination of contrasts for every room

living room decor dark floor light walls

As you see a dark flooring will look great in any room with the right color combination of furniture, textile and accessories.

In living rooms dark colored wood floors paired with light colored furniture can create an inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy a pleasant conversation with friends and family.

In bedrooms you can use any dark shade for the flooring and combine it with a light bed and wardrobe. A colored chair or bench can be used to add an accent.

kitchen dining room contrasting color combinations dark floor light walls

In kitchens, especially when combined with other areas like living room or dining room, designers recommend combining different materials. In open plan spaces you can use solid wood, laminate, tile, etc.

Dark flooring in corridors and house entry set the atmosphere of the home. However, this area usually lacks daylight and is exposed to heavy foot traffic. This means that dark moisture-resistant laminate or tiles are the best flooring options.

dark flooring in white bathroom contrasting colors in interior design

All the examples of interiors with dark floors and light walls demonstrate that you should not to be afraid of experiments. Taking into account the specific of contrasting color combinations, you can create the perfect design.


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