Tiffany Blue Color – Sophisticated Interior Ideas and Design Trends

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Tiffany blue color in home interior ideas amazes with elegance and sophistication. What is Tiffany color and how to use it? What colors go well with Tiffany blue? How to combine it with other shades? We shall give you the answers and show you brilliant interior designs and ideas!

Tiffany blue color interior ideas and design trends

Very often, designers choose a trendy tiffany shade for interior decoration. However, many people are not sure what this color is and confuse it with turquoise, Aqua blue, aquamarine, blue, mint, etc. Well, what is Tiffany blue then?

what is Tiffany blue color


It is a mixture of bright green with a hint of blue. The color was first used on the cover the Blue Book – Tiffany’s annual collection of exquisitely handcrafted jewels, which was first published in 1845. It became the official color of the company for boxes and bags and in 1998, the Tiffany Blue color has been registered as a color trademark. The custom color has a patented number – PMS 1837, which is the year of Tiffany’s foundation. This color is now a modern icon, and representative of elegance and luxury.

Tiffany blue color interior ideas – a fabulous shade for an exquisite decor

how to use tiffany blue color in home interior tips and ideas

Tiffany blue color is associated with well-being, carelessness and endless freshness. It also evokes a feeling of confidence and peace. This gentle and at the same time quite active tone has become a trend in recent years. It goes well with tones such as sand, cream, white, which are often used as backgrounds. As per psychologists, Tiffany blue color relieves eye strain, invigorates and contributes to productive mental work.

Tiffany color is also associated with elegance and sophistication. In interior design the delicate shade contrasts beautifully with dark wood, subtly emphasizing its noble structure. It perfectly complements calm tones as well. The use of Tiffany color in the interior has its own characteristics and specifics.

Subdued pastel colors help relaxing, relieve tension, and are often used as main colors. However, their monotony can affect the nervous system and cause a feeling of fatigue. To freshen up the atmosphere, designers often use Tiffany blue as it creates a cool feeling.

bedroom design and decor ideas sofa in tiffany blue color

When the main tones are gray, brown or beige, complement the interior with a few Tiffany colored details – they will immediately set the tone and play the role of decorative accents. It can be a blanket on the bed, a pouf or armchair upholstery, photo frames or other accessories.

Tiffany color in the interior can act as a unifying shade, visually gathering transitional space of adjacent rooms into one whole. This is especially popular in studio apartments, where different functional zones are often separated by openings and Tiffany blue elements visually connect these zones into a single whole. The color can be used to paint part of the walls, moldings, or furniture placed in different parts of the apartment. The color can be used to highlight interesting shapes, as well as emphasize unusual objects. It immediately sets them apart from the general background and makes them dominant. You can also emphasize reliefs on wall panels, moldings or stucco elements.

What colors go well with Tiffany blue?

What colors go well with Tiffany blue

Tiffany blue adds a unique individuality to the interior design and makes the atmosphere in the room incredibly refined and luxurious. What colors go well with Tiffany blue? How to create successful and harmoniously looking color combinations? Obviously, the choice of shades will depend on the particular style and the overall design concept. The color wheel helps defining the analogous, complementary, triadic or other schemes which will make the appearance of the room balanced and stylish and you will feel comfortable and relaxed. It is important to remember that too much blue in the decor will make the design look too cold. To avoid overloading the room, the blue must be combined with other shades.

Tiffany blue and white

bathroom decorating ideas color combinations white and tiffany blue

This combination is considered harmonious and fresh, despite the contrast. This time-tested combination is incredibly popular in the interior. This combination always looks impressive. The interiors are peaceful and fresh. With the help of Tiffany, accents are set and the brightness and purity of whiteness is emphasized. This option is ideal for any room as it is almost universal. However, you should be careful using Tiffany color in rooms with little sunlight as it may seem cold and lifeless.

Combining Tiffany blue with analogous shades

dining room design ideas tiffany blue in interior design

This is a successful option since these tones are related to each other. This design relies on Tiffany color as a backdrop while a blue shade acts as an accent, for example textiles, furniture compositions, vases, etc.

Tiffany blue color and pastel shades

tiffany blue and pastel colors in living room interior design

Calm tones are ideal for relaxation, create coziness and promote relaxation. The delicate shade of blue goes well with any pastel shades and looks incredibly feminine. You can choose light green or mint which look fresh and relaxing which makes the combination ideal for bedroom interiors. Tiffany blue and pink or soft yellow – these are also interesting combinations, suitable to decorate nursery rooms.

Combinations with warm shades

accent colors in home interiors tiffany blue shade

Tiffany blue is incredibly combined with contrasting shades from the warm palette, for example, scarlet, brick red, terracotta. The combination of light cool and rich warm colors in the interior will make it extraordinary and stylish. However, when it comes to combining such independent colors as Tiffany and, for example, scarlet, you should be careful and use them cleverly in order to avoid a provocative look.

Tiffany blue color for furniture, textile and home accessories

modern dining room design white table tiffany blue chair upholstery

When talking about Tiffany blue color in interior design, we have to point out that there are different ways to use it. It is not necessary to paint the walls, you can be creative and choose furniture, textile or home accessories in this amazing color. Furniture in tiffany color will look appropriate in the design of any room. It is not necessary to fill the room with accessories in this shade. A few elements that will support each other in the overall composition are quite enough. For example – a pouf, an antique chest of drawers or a wardrobe will become an eye-catching accent in the room. It is possible to completely transform the interior in just 5 minutes. Add a few decorative pillows, throw a blanket on the sofa or the bed, place a vase or a table lamp and you will get a totally new space. Think of furniture upholstery, photo or mirror frames, curtains, tableware, chandelier, lamp shades, paintings, railings, etc. There is a huge variety of accessories that may help you to refresh the design and create a cozy and chic atmosphere.

Can you use Tiffany blue color in every room?

tiffany blue color ideas chic elegant home interiors

Tiffany blue color is suitable for most areas in the home. It is full of tenderness, warmth and evokes only positive associations. There are no dark and ominous notes in it. This is the color of romance, dreams and optimism. It is ideal for wall decoration in children’s rooms, bedroom, kitchen, entryway or bathroom.

In the hallway, Tiffany blue will look pretty bold and will make the hallway look truly luxurious and exclusive. This color can be used to decorate the kitchen as well. You have different options – paint the walls, choose cabinets in Tiffany blue or use it as an accent color of home accessories. There are no restrictions on the use of color in a living room. Juicy contrasts are welcome in a room where meetings with friends and family are most often held.

modern home decorating ideas tiffany blue sofa yellow curtains

In conclusion, we can say that when planning the décor of a room, it is worth considering Tiffany blue color. It is not necessary to radically transform the interior, two or three items are enough to completely renew the decor and reveal the splendor of this color.


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