Glamorous Art Deco Bathroom Designs – Elegant and Chic Interiors

by Kremy

Art Deco bathroom designs are all about elegance, distinctive style in the interior and an atmosphere of luxury. Art Deco is a versatile style that can be used in both small bathrooms as well as in spacious and impressive interiors.

glamorous art deco bathroom designs elegant interior ideas

It allows you to combine many elements and is the answer to the needs of all family members. What do you need to know about Art Deco interiors if you are planning a renovation? How to choose the color palette, finishing materials, furniture and accessories? Here are the most important characteristics of the style which can be your guidelines.

Art Deco is an expression of good taste and sophistication. The style is characterized with simple, geometric shapes, balanced proportions, exquisite details, high quality materials and timeless finishes. In interior decoration this means:

  • Reduction in the number of right angles in favor of circular and rounded shapes;
  • Stylized patterns;
  • Geometric shapes;
  • Order, color and strict geometry;
  • Repetitive patterns.

Art Deco bathroom designs – a passion for luxury and chic

marble bathroom design Art Deco interior designs


Space is important in any room and essential in bathrooms. You need to think of the free space. It is desirable that the bathroom is large, since Art Deco implies the use of monumental and grand-looking items. Plumbing, mirrors, furniture, chandeliers – all these items should leave a deep impression not only with their chic and expensive appearance, but also with their size.

Black, white, and gold are the typical colors of the style that will help you to achieve an art deco inspired bathroom. Divide the different zones with black and white tiles, choosing small mosaics for a more elegant appeal. For example, you can create an accent in the shower enclosure and choose gold fittings.

Finishing materials

glamorous master bathroom design and decor

There are a thousand different ways to decorate your bathroom walls and floors in an Art Deco style. You should select high end natural materials, for example:

  • natural stone, marble and ceramics for floors and walls;
  • rare and expensive types of wood – the material of doors and pieces of furniture;
  • expensive fabrics and leather for decoration;
  • crystal and expensive glass for chandeliers and lamps;
  • bronze, gilding, silver, forged items, accessories and items inlaid with crystals, etc;
  • eye-catching fittings.

Create contrasts

contrasting colors elegant vanity cabinet in art deco bathroom

Color solutions in Art Deco bathroom designs should be based on contrast of two colors. The most common contrasting color combination is basic black and white. However, shades close to black and white are often used – dark gray, gray, beige, ivory, etc.

The idea of contrasting basic colors should be the base of the overall design concept and include not only the decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling, but also plumbing, chandelier, furniture and decorative elements. Complementary colors should be muted and subtle.

Geometric patterns

What do you need to know about Art Deco interiors

Art Deco is unthinkable without geometric patterns- the more geometry in the interior, the better. Squares and rhombuses, ovals, angles, symmetry, straight lines – all these are important for the style. Wallpaper, furniture, mirrors and chandeliers – when you choose the elements of the interior, do not forget about geometry!

When decorating a bathroom in the Art Deco style, you can use not only geometric shapes, but also plant and animal ornaments. It can be a mosaic or a picture on the wall, a drawing on the floor, etc.


Geometric patterns in Art Deco bathroom

Mirrors are an important part of the decor in any bathroom. However, if in an ordinary bathroom the mirror is a practical item, in Art Deco bathroom designs it is one of the main points on which the entire interior is built. It visually enlarges the space and serves as a decorative element.

The mirror should be either large, framed by a wide massive frame, or it should occupy the entire wall or a geometrically designated place for it, for example, a niche. For an Art Deco mirror, it is also important to have an individual design that maintains the chic and gloss of the entire room. If there are additional mirrors in the bathroom, they should be noticeably smaller than the main one and serve more as purely decorative elements.


luxurious bathrooms art deco style interiors

Lighting in Art Deco bathroom designs features a large pendant chandelier, made of expensive materials, usually with a geometric shape – sphere, square – and it is the main light source. For additional lighting of individual zones, lamps are used that are suitable in style.

Furniture and fittings

Mirrors are an important part of the decor

Despite the fact that strict geometry is typical for Art Deco style, bathroom fixtures and furniture can be of any shape. It is to choose massive pieces with smooth lines that support the main color palette.

All fittings used in the bathroom, including furniture, should be quite large, and most importantly – glossy and shiny. Massive shiny hardware fits perfectly into the concept of the Art Deco style and enhances the effect of luxury.

Decorative accessories

Outstanding Art Deco Bathroom Designs and Decor ideas

Paintings, vases, stylized glass jars and bottles for various liquids are used as decorative elements. There may be a few accessories but they should add luxury to the room. If the size of the room allows, you can place an unusual item. It can be an armchair, an ottoman, or a living plant. It is important to remember that if it is a piece of furniture, then it must be elegant and made of expensive materials. When choosing one or another item for a bathroom in Art Deco design, it is necessary to clearly understand where it will be located and whether it fits into the style. Think about the correct arrangement of mirrors and accessories so that the room does not get cluttered and looks visually larger.



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