Carpet Colors 2023 – All The Hottest Trends To Get Your Home Looking Fantastic!

by Leanne Edwards

Bored of your current interior design? Looking for some inspiration to get all your friends heads turning? Then I’m glad you’ve come this way. There’s no point living in a drab atmosphere, you need style, comfort, and somewhere you can kick back, chill out with a glass of wine and a book whilst listening to your favorite artists. So, this year we’re looking at toned down but classy neutral shades, but not to worry if you’re more into color, bold is also back in the limelight. There are a couple of new styles that will totally blow your mind. Stick around now for the low-down on carpet colors 2023!

I’m needing an update, what to choose for carpet colors 2023?

So what are the best carpet colours 2023
Can carpet look modern, you ask? 100% definitely. As long as you’re taking a look at what furniture and decor you are matching it with, there is absolutely no reason why not! For example, you’ve got a stunning dark gray carpet laid down, but it’s just not giving you the vibe you want. What can you do in this situation, you might be thinking? Grab yourself some chalk paint and give your furniture some refreshment. For gray carpet, you can pretty much work any color with it, but have you ever thought about adding a bold color into the mix? What you need are some funky accessories, let’s say for example a nice lamp, some throws on the sofa and a couple of silver photo frames. I bet you’ll be getting that vibe now! Now, get cozy and put your feet up, I’ll tell you about the rest! So what are the best carpet trends 2023 ?

grey carpet colour 2023 walls

The great thing about neutral color is the fact that it is so versatile. This year original ideas to go for are: gray, beige and even taupe. Even though you’re probably thinking that sounds completely unmanageable and boring. That’s not the case. I mean, you can go from having a cool calm gray, add a splash of color, and you’ve completely taken it up a notch by the simplest garnish. Take for example the picture above. The carpet is a simple gray one, combined by the definitive markings on the art-work, it’s magically transformed into a sleek and stylish place to hang out with a film and maybe even some popcorn!
wall to wall carpet colour (1)

Should carpet match wall color, or can I be a rebel?

gorgeous colour drenching carpet colours (1)
There is always going to be a debate on this question. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with matching your flooring with the walls. Taking into consideration a monotone room, this is always going to look simple and stylish. For example, it’s not only the light shades of color that work well. For instance, there’s a thing called colour-drenching on the scene. This basically means you are flooding the room with the same color from head to toe. So you’re maybe thinking it’s going to look over the top, but trust me, it makes a bright statement in any home. The best bold carpet colors 2023 for this type of style are teal, blues, greens and yellows. If you are wanting to warm it up a bit, feel free to go for a deep red or mauve shade. For this style of decorating to work, bear in mind you will need to pick something that will work with your every day lifestyle. If you are the more out-going, fun and rebellion type, I’d suggest going for a bright shade of teal, whereas if you’re more the reserved and business class type-hit it with some cool slate gray tones. Check out the images for inspiration.

Blast from the past! Retro Carpet colors 2023 is back in town!

dark red tartan carpet colours 2023
This year, however, it’s OK to take a chance and choose to opt for a completely different pattern on your floor. I’m talking about retro patterns such as checkers, swirls, tartan and mix-match. That may sound a bit out of contrast, but according to designers, this is one of the styles suited to a home that hosts a more cozy feel with pictures dotted around the house and unique pieces of furniture found only in the quaintest of antique shops. Just imagine how nice a bold, tartan floor wood look next to your fireplace- exactly, complete comfort and harmony at home. Awesome, right?

tartan floor carpet colours 2023

Textured carpets-Are they a possibility?

chill textured carpet colours 2023
Fluffy, pop art, chill. Those three words come to mind when I think of textured carpet. There’s nothing nicer than slipping your shoes off and bouncing across a soft swirly layer of coziness. This style would definitely suit an atmosphere where it’s all about relaxing with your favorite jam humming in the background whilst talking about modern art galleries with your friends. For this one, a theme walled backdrop and low lighting will definitely enhance the effect of the carpet’s intricate design.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Meow!

animal print 2023 carpet colours (1)
Do you dare to brave the effect of the wilderness whilst in the comfort of your own abode? Tigers, lions and zebras galore – wild style will most definitely have your friends and family talking! This look is also amazing if you have kids, as it’s fun, funky and fresh. Add some cute stuffed animals and maybe a hammock hanging from the ceiling, a couple of your favorite rustic bamboo pieces, and you’re all set for life in the jungle from home!

animal print rug 2023 (1)

Now you’ve got the low-down on all the stunning carpet colors 2023 has to offer, get creative! Don’t be afraid to show off that talented side!

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