What is The Broccoli Haircut Trend? + 4 Stylish and Chic Ideas for Women

by Radost P.

Recently, the broccoli haircut trend has been gaining more and more attention among Gen Z generation. Over the past few years, influential creators on TikTok have started posting videos with this specific hairstyle. This isn’t a coincidence – it makes young people feel confident and bold in expressing themselves. As we all know, most young people value freedom and spontaneity. As its name suggests, the haircut looks like broccoli – it has length on the top and the sides are shaded. What’s really attractive about this kind of hairstyle is that it makes your hair look more voluminous, and it’s compatible with all face types. If you want to learn more about the features of broccoli haircut, keep on reading. We’ll also give you some ideas that you can show to your hairstylist.

broccoli style haircut what is the broccoli hair rend

Why is the broccoli haircut so popular?

You’re probably wondering why this specific haircut gained so much popularity. Well, no one wants to waste hours in preparing their haircut each morning. There are more productive ways to spend your time, right? What young people love about the broccoli haircut, is that it doesn’t require a lot of resources and time to keep it in good condition.

Simple and Catchy Broccoli Haircut Ideas for Women

what is a broccoli haircut for women professional stylist tips


You may have noticed that this kind of hairstyle is more popular among men, yet it’s also suitable for women. This is why we’ve compiled a list of our best suggestions for the ladies. We have another article, though, that’s specifically for men. Besides, if you happen to have curly hair, it’s going to be a lot easier to get the Broccoli haircut or Bird’s Nest haircut. The simple and stylish look works great both for formal occasions and day-to-day life. The next time you go to a professional hairstylist, keep in mind that the front part of your haircut should be longer than the sides. If you’re interested to learn more about the broccoli hair trend, this article is for you.

Messy and Stylish Curls

messy curls with deep side part stylish

Our first and favorite suggestion for women is the so-called ‘’messy curls’’ option. Why do we love it? It is perfect for ladies with naturally curly hair that prefer to have volume. Besides, it emphasizes your eyes and brows – some of the most important features of your face. As we all know, due to weather conditions and other factors, curly hair can look different every day. So, this style gives some predictability about how your hair will be. You should definitely show this haircut to your professional stylist the next time you visit the salon.

A Broccoli Hairstyle with Bangs

short curly hair with bangs

If you’re a fan of bangs, rest assured that they’ll look amazing on your short, curly hair. In fact, this is a preferred option among many women with the Broccoli haircut. There are some tips to keep in mind, though. According to expert hairstylists, it’s best for your bangs to be cut dry. The reason being is that if your hair is wet, it is a bit difficult to guess the shape of your bangs once they’re cut. Another thing is to shampoo your fringe more often than the rest of your hair.

Broccoli Haircut Trend Without Bangs

short curly hair without bangs broccoli head haircut

If you do not prefer to waste time in maintaining your bangs in a good condition each morning, we’ve got your back! So, here is an idea – you could go for a normal broccoli hairstyle. This is also a suitable alternative, in case you happen to have thick hair. The effect that this haircut has is that it gives a voluminous lift. It’s a sweet and stylish option to make a carefree impression. Yet, you should still apply some professional hair products (diffuser or curl-enhancing sprays) from time to time.

Tousled Curly Haircut

tousled curls short hair professional hairstylist tips

Doesn’t this look amazing? It is a modern and chick option for ladies with high standards for their appearance. Besides, this haircut is suitable for formal occasions and day-to-day life. The best thing? It’s quite easy to maintain, and it is compatible with all hair colors and face types. In the long run, you would only need a curling product, conditioner, and a professional serum. This kind of hairstyle makes you look confident in yourself.

In a nutshell, the broccoli haircut trend is low-maintenance, fashionable, and stylish. You basically need 2-3 moisturizing products to keep it in good condition. It creates a vibe of freedom and creativity. This is why it gained so much popularity among Gen Z generation. Yet, even if you’re in your thirties, you could still make this haircut work for you. Also, this kind of haircut makes you look more confident and expressive, no matter if you’re a woman or man. We hope that we gave some inspiration for the ladies that want to try out the new trend!

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