The Worst Haircuts for Thick Hair That Women Should Avoid in 2023!

by Radost P.

Which are the worst haircuts for thick hair that you should stay away from? Which outdated hairstyles do not look healthy and attractive?

Want to Look Stylish and Chic? If You Have a Thick Hair, Avoid These Haircuts at All Costs!

the worst haircuts ever

Having a thick hair brings both benefits and disadvantages. While you should not deal with the problems that women with thin hair encounter, it can be tricky to style and maintain it throughout the hot summer days. One thing which you could do is to avoid haircuts that are difficult to style and do not look quite good. 

Blunt Short Bangs

blunt short bangs


Let’s be honest, blunt short bangs are simply unattractive – they do not suit any face shape or hair texture. Don’t forget to let your hairstylist know that you do not prefer your bangs too short so that mistakes are prevented.

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Long Hair With One Side Shaved

long hair with one side shaved

This haircut just does not look cute, it is more typical for the bold of us who like edgy hairstyles. Another thing is that a long hair with one shaved side is high-maintenance – you may have to visit your hairstylist every two weeks. 

Mickey Mouse Hairstyle

mickey mouse hairstyle

For many people, the Mickey Mouse haircut may look childish and unappealing in some ways. In fact, wearing this hairstyle creates the impression that you are not taking yourself seriously. Whether this is true or not is another question. To avoid similar haircuts, talk with your hairstylist to stay away from pigtail looks. 

Haircuts to Avoid With Thick Hair – Beehive Haircut

beehive hairstyle

It is not that a beehive haircut does not look stylish to some extent. The problem is that it is quite difficult to style on a daily basis. Who wants to spend hours each day just for this task? If you still choose the haircut, let your hairstylist know that you do not want the layers quite short. 

Short and Spiky Hairstyle

short spiky haircut for women

This hairstyle does not look cute and is difficult to maintain in a good condition. What you can do, if you still insist on adding some edginess, is to ask your hairstylist for a softer cut. Explore your options to see what fits you best. 

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The Classic Karen Haircut

karen haircut

This classic and unappealing Karen hairstyle is a result of applying way too many chemicals into your hair that just are not good for you! According to experts, it is wise to ask your hairstylist whether they have an Olaplex – a solution that helps prevent hair damage. 

Side Swept Karen

side swept karen hairstyle

Another variation of the above-mentioned haircut is the so-called side swept Karen. You cannot expect to look modern by wearing it – it places less emphasis onto your facial features. Who wants to be unnoticeable?

Wet Hair Look

wet hair look

No matter what the trends are, wet hair simply looks unkempt, since it creates the impression that you have hopped out of the shower and gone outside without taking proper care of your appearance.

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