Summer Haircuts for Thick Hair: Make it Feel Light and Easy to Style!

by Gabby

Do we all agree that thick hair can be a blessing and a curse, especially during Summer? Yes, having thick hair is the dream, but in the heat it can be quite difficult! With that being said, what are the best summer haircuts for thick hair that will make it feel light? How to make it easier to style?

Summer Haircuts for Thick Hair: Make it Feel Light and Easy to Style!

summer haircuts for thick hair to make it light easy to style

Oh, what we wouldn’t give to have healthy and thick hair! I like to say that women’s hair is their best weapon. But, in summer thick hair can be our worst enemy because of the heat. Let’s be honest, sometimes it feels like you have a sweater on your head! For that, during the hot summer days, it’s good to take quick measures, which is to find the right hairstyle to lighten our hair and make it easy to style.

What Is The Best Summer Haircut for Thick Hair?

As already mentioned, it’s a good idea to make sure your thick hair is light and easy to style in the summer so you don’t spend time trying to make it look good. There is no one particular hairstyle that takes the top spot, but I will tell you that during the summer season, short hairstyles are definitely on the pedestal. They are easier to style. Also consider layers as this is the most famous method of lightening thick hair. With that being said, let’s check out some of the best summer hairstyles, so you can choose the one for you!

medium shaggy bob hairstyle for thick hair with fringe


Shoulder Length Haircuts with Layers and Bangs

shoulder length haircuts with layers

Starting off with something easy to adapt and style in 2023 – the lob haircut with layers and bangs. I’m quickly going to mention that the lob is the long version of the bob hairstyle. It is preferred by the ladies that want something different in 2023, but they don’t want to say “bye” to their long hair just yet. That’s why the lob haircut is perfect, but you have to add layers! If you want your thick locks to feel light and easy to wear in the hot Summer days, layers are the ideal choice. If you have straight hair, the lob cut can be considered as one of the wash and wear hairstyles for 2023.

Micro Bob Haircut with Bangs for Thick Hair

micro bob haircut with bangs for thick hair

What is a micro bob haircut? This is the super short version of the bob that was really popular in the 90s. You may also know it as the French bob haircut, which is adapted by a lot of the Parisian it-girls at the moment. The cut is famous with its edginess and the bangs that go hand in hand with the trendy haircut. Is it going to give lightness to your thick hair? Yes, but not only that! It is one of the low-maintenance hairstyles and you will love how easy it is to style it. You can simply use texturizing spray and call it a day!

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Butterfly Haircut with Layers and Bangs for Long Thick Hair

butterfly haircut long thick hair layers and bangs

You love your long thick hair, but you want to give it some airiness? The butterfly haircut is here! It is famous with its 90s vibes, the layers and the amazing curtain bangs that will frame your face and make you look rejuvenated. The layers are definitely a hit this Summer and they are adapted by not only women with thick hair, but also with thin. They make the hair look bouncy and the movement is incredible. The butterfly cut’s layers are face-framing as well.

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What Is The British Bob Haircut?

british bob haircut blunt bangs thick hair

What is a British bob haircut? A fun fact is that this haircut was actually seen in the 1920s for the first time, or as I like to call it the Great Gatsby Era. You know that women during this time used to wear sophisticated dresses covered in pearls and rhinestones, and they had little feathers in their hair. The short bob haircut was a staple for the elegant ladies who wanted to stand out from the crowd. This haircut is coming back with a full force and a lot of celebrities have started to adapt it. It is a super short bob with blunt bangs that is perfect for thick hair and people with round face shapes.

Summer Haircuts for Thick Hair Ideas 2023

blunt bob for wavy hair summer trends 2023

Short Wavy Pixie Cut for Thick Hair with Bangs

curly pixie haircut for thick hair

Italian Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

italian bob haircut for thick hair

Pixie Haircut with Bangs for Thick Hair

pixie bob haircut for thick hair wash and wear hairstyle ideas 2023

Inverted Stacked Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

inverted bob haircut for thick hair

Wash and Wear Haircuts for Over 60 Thick Hair

wash and wear haircuts for over 60 cute pixie hairstyle with bangs (1)

Shoulder Length Bob Haircut with Curtain Bangs for Thick Hair

shoulder length haircuts for thick hair with curtain bangs (1)

Sleek Bob Haircut for Women Over 50 with Thick Hair

sleek bob haircut for thick hair women over 50 (1)

Shaggy Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

shaggy wolf haircut for thick hair

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