What Is a Butterfly Haircut? Check Out How It Can Transform Your Look!

by Gabby

I know you probably love your long hair, but let’s admit it… It can get really hard when styling it, and it can start looking dull with time and the volume cannot be achieved easily. Even though the short hairstyles are really trendy right, we cannot say goodbye to the long hair that we have desired for so long. What to do about the volume then? I introduce to you the butterfly haircut! What is a butterfly haircut? Will it suit your face shape and hair texture? Let’s find out today!

what is a butterfly haircut long and medium lenght hair trends 2023

What Is a Butterfly Haircut?

What we call the Butterfly is a haircut that has a lot of sharp layers that are face-framing. Usually, if you have long or medium-length hair, the top layer should end somewhere around your chin. People with the butterfly haircut normally add curtain bangs, since they do an even better job framing the face and create this feathery effect, which reminds us of a butterfly. The result of the hairstyle should be a light and airy feeling and a lot of movement added to the hair. Your hair will appear thicker and with more volume. That is why this cut is continuing to gain a lot of popularity since 2022.

butterfly haircut ideas to try in 2023 hairstyle trends for long lenght hair


What Is a Butterfly Bob Haircut?

Same as the butterfly haircut, the butterfly bob has a lot of layers, with the difference that they are not that sharp. The hair length is short and the layers make it look bouncier and healthier. The butterfly bob gained a lot of popularity, because we saw Zendaya wearing this hairstyle on the red carpet. It is very chic and feminine. How to get Zendaya’s haircut? Ask for the blowout-inspired butterfly bob! The cut looks good on every face shape, but we definitely recommend it to the people with thicker hair, since it can give lightness to it, because of the layers.

bob butterfly haircut zendaya hair trends 2023

How to Do a Butterfly Haircut?

You have probably seen on TikTok that people were trying to do the butterfly haircut at home, which became a huge trend. If you want these layers, I would recommend consulting a hair specialist, who can make the cut suit your facial feature perfectly. In this video, you can check out what is the butterfly haircut and how to get the layers, explained by a hair expert. After that you can make your appointment and get a brand-new look for this Spring/Summer season!

Butterfly Haircut for Medium Hair

butterfly haircut for medium hair

For the ladies with a medium length hair, the butterfly cut can be achieved easily and the effect will be the same, as if you had long hair. The only thing that you should keep in mind is the layers – where they should start and where they should end. If you have long hair the top layer should end somewhere around the chin, as we mentioned above. For the girlies with medium length hair, the top layer should end below your chin. Like that, you will create the illusion that your hair is longer and your face will be shaped in a nicer way. Speaking of something that will shape your face, check out what is a face framing balayage!

Who Can Wear The Butterfly Haircut?

who can wear the butterfly haircut trends 2023

As you can see from the pictures, the butterfly cut suits everyone! If you have short, medium or long hair, you can ask your hairdresser to do these gorgeous layers that will change your entire appearance. When it comes to the face shape, I can ensure everyone that this hairstyle is made for every girl out there who is ready to take the plunge. Even if you have a wider face, or square face, the cut with layers will create the illusion that your face is smaller, because of the face-framing effect. This hairstyle is among the top picks for younger women. However, we have something for the mature ladies as well! Check out these rejuvenating medium length layered hairstyles for over 60 that will transform your hair!

What Is a Butterfly Haircut? Find Your Inspiration Here!

butterfly haircut for medium blonde hair with curtain bangs

Butterfly haircut for medium length hair 2023

butterfly haircut for medium hair length trends 2023

Butterfly cut layers that will make your hair more voluminous

butterfly haircut how to do it layers trends 2023

Butterfly haircut with curtain bangs: Hair trends 2023

butterfly haircut with curtain bangs hair trends 2023

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