Face Framing Balayage: How to Get Snatched Cheekbones With NO Contour?

by Gabby

Let’s face it, ladies! We all want our cheekbones to look snatched and our facial features defined! The contour culture that was created by the Kardashians is still here and many people are spending hours and hours learning these techniques. However, if you are like me and you don’t want to waste time in front of the mirror, I have another solution for you – face framing balayage! What is it exactly? What are the pros and cons? Who can wear it? Check it out!

Face Framing Balayage: How to Get Snatched Cheekbones With NO Contour?

face framing balayage hailey bieber hair trends 2023

Do you know that hair contouring actually exists? The technique appeared not so long ago and it first started with the money piece highlights that were a huge trend. Now, we see many celebrities, like Hailey Bieber, adapting the face framing balayage, which can make your facial features look amazing. Not only that, but you can forget about the dull and flat hair!

Money Piece Highlights VS Face Framing Balayage

what is the difference between face framing balayage and money piece highlights


What is the difference between money piece highlights and face framing balayage? As you can see from the photo, the contrast between the highlights and your hair color is super distinguished. The money piece highlights frame the face in front and they are super visible. While the balayage you have that gradient effect with different hair shades that are gently overflowing. The balayage technique looks more natural and it will still define your face, without making it too obvious. If you want to compare it just like in make up, the money piece highlights give you that harsh contour, while the face framing balayage will make you naturally snatched!

Face Framing Balayage for Brown Hair

face framing balayage for brown hair pros and cons hairstyle trends 203

You want balayage to spice things up with your brown hair? The face framing technique is just calling your name! This is one of the most popular trends out there if you want to make your round face look slightly oval and your cheekbones showing up more than usual. If you want something more natural and subtle, I don’t recommend going for a blonde hair dye. Instead, opt for something honey-like, just like on the picture. You can also combine balayage with money piece highlights and curtain bangs, which will guarantee you the perfect look!

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Face Framing Balayage for Blonde Hair

face framing balayage with money piece highlights for blonde hair trends 2023

If you already have natural blonde hair, face framing balayage will be slightly less damaging than going for highlights all over your hair. You can achieve this gradient effect with just two shades lighter than your natural hair color, which will frame your face super nicely. Keep in mind that it will be easy to maintain it, but it requires regular visits to the hair salon!

How to Frame Your Face With Balayage? Find What Is The Process!

how to frame your face with balayage what is the process

Are you already excited to try this new trend? You have to know something about the process first! I am going to start by saying that you HAVE to get an appointment at the hair salon. Do not try to achieve the same effect at home, if you are not a professional, it is doomed from the beginning. Your hair expert will have the perfect way to frame your face with the help of the balayage, because they will examine your face shape and features. Hair color, length, and texture should also be taken into consideration, since balayage can be tricky sometimes. The process itself looks kind of similar to getting highlights, however there will be no foil when dyeing your hair. It will be simply by hand and making gradient color change from one shade to the other. What is the result? You will look like you have been kissed from the sun!

Face Framing Balayage for Women Over 50: Yay or Nay?

face framing balayage for women over 50

Does balayage look good on older women? The answer is yes! However, there are a lot of things that should be taking into consideration before taking the plunge. With certain age the hair gets thinner. Not only that, but the gray hair starts showing up. Keep in mind that balayage technique can’t really hide the gray hair, since you are going to be dying it by sections. Also, there might be more damage than usual, since you have to dye your hair regularly to keep it looking the same. So, for the women after 50, it is best to ask your hairdresser for advice, before trying this trend!

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Other Face Framing Balayage Ideas to Copy

face framing balayage ideas 2023 hairstyle

Try framing your face with ash blonde balayage!

ash blonde balayage face framing highlights ideas hairstyle trends 2023

Icy Blonde Balayage for long hair: Face framing highlights

balayage for long hair trend 2023

Balayage on short hair

full balayage on brown hair with blonde short hair trends 2023

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